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STUC 2010 Dundee

Mike Kirby
Jane Carolan
Matt Smith
Nahid Aslam


Reports will appear here covering the UNISON speakers and the main issues at the Congress from 19-21 April. Reports will also appear in Scotland inUNISON's May issue. For an overview of the Congress go to the STUC website

Wed 21 April

Award Winning UNISON and Unite members are Joining up Learning with SPT (STUC site)

All public facing workers should be able to work without fear of violence
Congress agreed overwhelmingly to campaign for the Workers (Aggravated Ofences) (Scotland) Bill to give greater legal protection to all front line workers.

Congress supports the People of Palestine
The plight of the Palestinians in Gaza and the occupied territories was raised on the final day of Congress

Defending Social Europe
Congress will oppose any reduction in rights from European Directives on employment law, health and safety and equality, through information briefings for unions and joint work with the TUC and European trade union organisations.

Supporting the fight for democracy in Swaziland
Congress will support the work of Action for South Africa (ACTSA) to address the appalling situation in Swaziland, where an absolute monarch rules in luxury whilst his people slide ever further into poverty, hunger and disease.

Keeping Congress on track
UNISON's Kate Ramsden reflects on her first year on the Congress Standing Orders Committee

Rebuilding Collective Prosperity - Tackling Poverty and Inequality
"We need to stop believing that there is no alternative and believe in our own solutions", UNISON's Jane Carolan tells STUC.

Campaign goes on for humanity in asylum
Congress once more condemned the often appalling treatment of asylum seekers in the UK and pledged to act to improve the public perception of asylum seekers and to look at renaming asylum to sanctuary as recommended by the Independent Asylum Commission.

Tue 20 April

Young and Old agree - votes at 16 is the way forward
Congress voted to campaign to lower the voting age at sixteen with support from UNISON young member Jenny Roberts and retired member Lilly McNaughton.

Fund Nutrition Champions in NHS
Congress will urge the Government to fund an extension of the two-year Nutrition Champion posts in the NHS which will run out of funding this month.

Workplace learning should be there for all
Education - it's not just teachers UNISON tells Conference Congress approved a statement form the general Council on class size, teacher numbers and budgets for teacher education.

Congress votes to invest in Young Activists
Congress voted to support investment and training - in our activists. UNISON's Derek Burns pointed out that organising young workers is vital for all of us.

Stammering is no joke says congress
Congress debated the issue of Stammering/ stuttering and voted to work to raise awareness of what is a disability - but often not recognised as such .

Protect vulnerable adults but protect low paid staff and the services
Congress welcomed the additional protection for children and vulnerable adults in the new Protecting Vulnerable People Bill but Stephen Smellie warned that the costs of registration must not fall on employees, especially the low paid, and on the unwaged.

Tackling crisis in NHS funding:
UNISON's Catriona Beveridge said, "It is no surprise to us that a hospital cleaner is more valuable than a city banker. And our health services is worth more than any number of bankers".

Sharks are circling again for Scottish Water:
UNISON's Dave Watson warned that 'the sharks are circling again' as the CBI and right wing think tanks campaign for Water privatisation.

Rebuilding collective prosperity - a charter for public services:
UNISON's Matt Smith lays out a strategy for public services. "saying to the people of Scotland that we will not stand idly by while attempts are made to make the many pay for the greed and folly of a wealthy few"

Alliance to challenge local government cuts: 'Service users pay three times as Edinburgh Council prepares for sell-off Proposals', says UNISON:
UNISON's John Stevenson pledges that, standing up for jobs and services, the union would make sure that the public knew exactly what is happening. "Edinburgh is Not for Sale", he said.

Mon 19 April

President's address: For the old, the young, the sick - for all our sakes - keep the Tories out:
"Many think Labour has let them down and perhaps it has. But the alternative is a million times worse. For the old, the young, the sick - indeed for all our sakes - let's keep the Tories out", STUC President Martin Keenan told Congress.

Building a sustainable economy: Invest in training and jobs and restore trade union rights:
As the STUC sets out a strategy to create a fairer and more sustainable economy and society, UNISON's James Corry calls for re-investment in the Modern Apprenticeship programme.

Pensions – private sector cutbacks threaten burden on the state: STUC calls for decent pensions for all:
The action of private sector bosses in cutting staff’s pensions is likely to threaten the UK’s economy, UNISON's Mike Kirby told the STUC today

Councils must deliver on additional support needs for children:
Sam McCartney stressed the key role of UNISON members like classroom assistants and support for learning auxiliaries in providing support to ensure children can access all parts of the school curriculum.

Children must have a right to music in schools:
Every school age child should have the chance to learn a musical instrument. UNISON's John Stevenson said that the chance to learn a musical instrument is crucial to encouraging creativity.

Re-visit bus deregulation to address failures of Thatcher:
".. good and accessible public transport is a lifeline for many of them If the Scottish Parliament and more particularly the Scottish Government really believe in integrating disabled people into society, then they need to do more to persuade us they are serious about it", said UNISON's John Nisbet.






Caird Hall Dundee

STUC 2010 Dundee
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