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STUC 2008

Gordon Brown

One Workplace

STUC top table


Reports on all the main UNISON speakers at the STUC (21-23 April) will also appear in Scotland inUNISON's May issue. These reports cover the UNISON speakers and issues - for an overview of the Congress go to the STUC website

Scottish public services at risk and key to constitution debate Matt Smith says the Scottish Government is in danger of presiding over a range of cuts in Scottish public services under the guise of so-called efficiency savings.

10p TAX RATE - LABOUR MUST LOOK AFTER LOW PAID WORKERS UNISON General Secretary, Dave Prentis called on the Government to compensate those who have been hit by the abolition of the 10p tax rate

Devolution a dynamic, not an event - debate must cover all options We would have to ensure that fiscal powers - would deliver the public services we demand", warned Mike Kirby.

Event to celebrate NHS 60th Birthday The STUC threw its weight behind UNISON's Lilian Macer's call for a special event to celebrate this anniversary

Equality Award win for UNISON activists First Minister Alex Salmond presented this year's STUC One Workplace Equality Award 2008 to Marion Stewart and Elaine North

PFI costing £2 billion more than public funding Bob Revie points out that 35 schemes alone £720 million is being wasted

Planning needed as market fails energy future The energy market has failed consumers, especially the ‘fuel poor', says Dave Watson

United campaign for Trade Union Freedom Bill - Strike against arms to Zimbabwe would have been illegal in Britain "It's time for the Labour government to treat unions and big business even-handedly. That's all we're asking for - a level playing field", says Gordon McKay.

"Pigs fly" over job security in EU treaty UNISON's Jane Carolan slammed EU proposals for the ‘flexisecurity' threat to workers' rights

Human rights of every child must be respected Kate Ramsden's call to bring groups together to campaign to protect all children in this country from abuse and exploitation.

Rate for the job for voluntary sector We reject totally the proposal to use one set of public sector workers to undermine another, says Stephen Smellie

Pressure needed to bring freedom for Burmese people The STUC will press Scottish-based companies to cut ties with Burma to build pressure to lift the oppression of the Burmese people following a UNISON Scotland motion moved by Hamid Rasheed

Stop restrictive targets which make pay cuts "Below inflation pay rises are pay cuts", said Katrina Murray.

Home care charge hikes and cuts slammed we need to invest in human capital and ally that to supporting and caring for the most vulnerable in our society, says Stephen Smellie

Resources needed to reduce class sizes Bob Revie stresses role of technicians, classroom assistants, auxiliaries and other school staff

Tackle system to keep personal details safe - don't scapegoat staff Need to tackle growing culture that data protection is something to get around, rather than something to respect, says John Stevenson.

Force employers to invest in training "Initiatives like these cannot be done on the cheap or we will fail our most vulnerable children," warns Pat Rowland

Restore pensions link Pensioners are fighting for the pensions of our children, says Irene Sweeney

Campaign for more young people involvement - and rights for migrant workers "I am asking you to take this step for fundamental rights", says Sofi Taylor

Consultation call on the future of Higher Education "Meaningful consultation means participating fully in the whole process, not commenting on plans that are already made", says Sheena Grant

Funds needed for new council houses Fiona Smith calls for investment in housing and an end to stock transfer

Deaf peoples' right not to be verbally abused "Deaf and dumb" is an archaic term that is considered highly offensive and derogatory, says John Nisbet

Iraqi women relying on our help to stop murders, says president In the last six months of last year, 50 Iraqi women were murdered under various social, religious and political motives and pretexts, UNISON President Norma Stephenson told the STUC

Support members by engaging with government - but judge on results Our agenda is positive, forward looking and credible. We will judge the 'memorandum' based on results, said Alan Cowan.





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Stories: Chris Bartter, Kate Ramsden and John Stevenson

Photos: Graham Smith, John Stevenson, Alan Cowan