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STUC 2010



Building a sustainable economy: Invest in training and jobs and restore trade union rights.

James Corry
James Corry

The 113th Scottish Trade Union Congress kicked off today by slamming the 'unjust and inefficient' banking model that led to the financial crisis.

It called on the UK and Scottish Governments to work with the STUC and employers organisations to limit the effect of the recession and to create a fairer and more sustainable economy and society.

UNISON's James Corry called for more investment in the Modern Apprenticeship programme, especially to support those who were losing their jobs in the current climate.

Congress also recognised the particular impact of the recession on vulnerable groups such as the young, the disabled and those on low income and set out arrange of measures to address these.

It called for a national living wage, a fairer and more progressive tax system; investment in training and manufacturing and maintaining public spending to embed the economic recovery alongside measures to tackle youth employment, increased benefits for those out of work and on low pay.

It demanded the reform of anti-trade union legislation which has undermined employment and bargaining rights and has led to a "more unequal and unjust society and an economy that is considerably less stable"

James, Secretary of the UNISON Skills Development Scotland Branch, called for continued lobbying of the Scottish Government to maximise resources in the Modern Apprenticeship programmes to allow funding for the over 20s to continue.

While praising the Scottish Government for funding 7,800 new places and lifting the age limit before, he slammed the 25% reduction this financial year,the 'debarring' of the 20+ age group and no commitment to fund the ScotAction initiative beyond June.

By lobbying for the reinstatement of these cuts, James said, "We will continue to offer much needed support to not only school leavers entering the labour market but also assisting those who are facing the threat of loss of employment" due to the financial crisis.


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