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Further information about the network Sheila McGeoch, Administrator Glasgow resource Centre 0141-243 2119.


Unison Overseas Nurses Network

Welcome to Unison Overseas Nurses Network and this information pack that we have for you. You should have in this pack:

  • A Mapping exercise (word doc - download by clicking here) that I hope that you will fill it in to help us find the information that is most useful to you. It should take you no more than 5 minutes to do.
  • An information sheet, a live working document, that is the starting point and I hope that you can and will contribute to it now and in the future to benefit everyone.
  • An information sheet on work permit that was produce with the Ethnic Minorities Law Centre.
  • Our Newsletter that give you some of the latest news and information.

Unison Overseas Nurses Network was set up by Unison over 2 years ago in recognition of the needs of the overseas health workers in Scotland. We started with 6 members and now we have over 400 all over Scotland. The Network was set up as an information point, a social contact and information exchange point for us all, so that we can learn from each other. Being an overseas nurse myself I missed my entire network in my home country and I hope that this network can support us to build new networks and new friendship in this country.

Our next network meeting will be on the

1st Dec 2005, at UNISON,

14 West Campbell Street,


From 7pm to 10pm.

We will have speakers that are of interest to us all, in the past we have speaker from the NMC, Ethnic Minorities Law Centre on work permit, training opportunities from the WEA and on Agenda for Change.

To get more information and if you are interested in coming you can contact Shelia at: 0141 243 2119

We welcome everyone, union members and non-union members. Bring a friend or colleagues, well the more the merrier. Oh we served a buffet meal and soft drinks at all our meetings.

Looking forward to meeting you.