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Caring, Learning and Worried About Money UNISON Scotland survey report June 2015 (pdf)

Caring, Learning and Worried about Money - UNISON Scotland Student Nurses Survey June 2015

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UNISON is the UK's largest health union
Over 400,000 people working in the NHS and for private contractors providing NHS services are members.

More than 60,000 UNISON members work in the NHS in Scotland
Our members working in the health service include nurses, student nurses, midwives, health visitors, healthcare assistants, paramedics, occupational therapists, cleaners, porters, catering staff, medical secretaries, clerical and admin staff and scientific and technical staff.

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2 June 2015:
Student nurses bursaries not fit for purpose, says UNISON report 
UNISON is calling on the Scottish government to urgently increase bursary rates for student nurses and midwives in the next academic year. The recommendation is part of UNISON’s report 'Caring, Learning and Worried about Money' - the result of a survey of student nurses and midwives.


Poverty of NHS staff unable to pay for the basics, reveals UNISON survey

June 2014: Thousands of health service staff are living below the poverty line, with almost half unable to afford at least three basic everyday necessities, a UNISON survey has found. Click here for report | Click here for full survey (pdf)


UNISON Scotland - why we're answering the call for our NHS

NHS campaign


Find out more about the campaign to save our NHS at the UNISON UK website

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The Tories are attacking our NHS too ...

David Cameron and George Osborne might not run NHS Scotland, but that doesn't mean that they aren't attacking it. We must fight to save it.

Devolution means they can't run down and privatise our NHS directly, the way they are doing in England. But what they can do is starve it of resources. They are cutting back on the money provided to the Scottish Government and this puts the health budget under pressure.

In the last few weeks alone there have been reports of hospital understaffing, health visitors struggling to maintain a universal service and severe problems due to bed numbers going down.

NHS staff know from their day to day work that they are continually under pressure, having to do more with less - and they can see what managers are doing to try and meet targets.

So the Tories aren't just attacking the NHS in England - they are attacking it everywhere. Everyone who wants to maintain the fairest and most cost-effective health service in the world needs to be part of the fight to defend the NHS.

From Wick to Weymouth our health service belongs to all of us. We all have a duty to stand up and tell the Tories that we won't see it run down or sold off.

Why is UNISON campaigning?

The NHS is under threat from privatisation and cuts.

  • The Tory health act has pushed the profit motive to the heart of the English NHS.

  • Key treatments are being restricted, services cut and jobs lost, resulting in increased waiting times, delays and staff shortages on our wards.

  • Restricted funding settlements are also affecting Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Our NHS remains the fairest and most cost-effective health service in the world.

Don't let the Tories ruin it.

999 - answer the call for your NHS.

Updated 23 June 2014


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  Page updated: 2 June 2015