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Message from Dave Prentis, UNISON General Secretary

Dave Prentis

"I would like to send a message of congratulations to UNISON's Overseas Nurses Network. It is only through your tireless work and continual campaigning that you have been able to double your membership in the past two years and raise the profile of overseas nurses working in the UK, helping to make our health service the strong institution that it should be.

"UNISON's Overseas Nurses Network is at the forefront of campaigns to ensure that nurses from overseas get a fair deal, receive the same terms and conditions as those from the UK and are treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. I will continue to offer you my support and best wishes for the future.





The Overseas Nurses Network was launched in December 2003 in Glasgow. The network provides an opportunity to meet and get to know other nurses from overseas. It will also provide information and support. Also see our useful job and resource links.


To set up and maintain a network of nurses and other care workers from overseas which will do / provide the following:-

  • Act as an information point to provide information on a range of relevant issues such as Trade Union rights, employment rights, contracts of employment, employment law affecting overseas workers etc. etc., welfare information, etc. etc

  • Use the network as a conduit for consultation with this group of members. What are their specific needs as overseas workers?

  • Provide access to training such as Stewards and/or Health & Safety training, assertiveness training, Rights issues, Communications training such as newsletter and computer training.

  • Provide a means to network on a professional level for overseas members working mainly in the private healthcare sector, (but also in the voluntary and NHS sector), such a network does not exist at present.

  • Provide a means to network on a social level, and meet other members in similar circumstances. Provide a chance to "get together" and share experiences and useful information. Establish stewards who will act as buddies as well for new members, newly arrived in Scotland.

  • Provide access to UNISON Welfare and other support where appropriate.

  • Organise an annual event which will be the main event in the network's calendar ( less formal than an AGM).

  • Encourage members to become active in their Branch.

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