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STUC 2008



Campaign for more young people involvement - and rights for migrant workers

by Kate Ramsden

Sofi Taylor
Sofi Taylor

In a wide ranging composite, congress reaffirmed its commitment to promoting the involvement of young people in the trade union movement through its "Unions into Schools" project; and resolved to support the STUC Youth Committee to explore ways of working with affiliated trade unions to improve young peoples' participation. It also called on the General Council to work with trade unions and trade councils to develop a Scotland wide service for migrant workers and college students to ensure they have access to basic employment rights.

Sofi Taylor, UNISON Scotland, told delegates that UNISON has met the challenge of delivering a pan-Scotland service to one group of migrant workers through the creation of the Overseas Nurses Network, which has grown from a group of 6 to over 600 members in the space of 5 years.

"Migrant workers work in some of the most dangerous and dirty jobs in our society. They are mostly exploited, live mainly in poverty and are legally excluded from protection," she said. "All these reasons make the trade union role pivotal, to support, recruit and represent this group of workers."

Sofi congratulated the STUC on the work they have already undertaken for migrant workers, and called on congress to support the composite. "I am asking you to take this step for fundamental rights, for employment rights, for human rights for all, regardless of residential status, class or race."


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