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STUC 2008



Funds needed for new council houses

by Kate Ramsden

Fiona Smith
Fiona Smith

A campaign is to be mounted to ensure that the Scottish government provides sufficient funding to meet its pledge to build new council houses and to ensure that there are enough affordable homes to meet the needs of the people of Scotland. Congress also called for an end to stock transfer and for restrictions on the "right to buy" legislation.

Congress slammed the failure of Public Private Partnerships to provide fair employment practices in the construction industry and demanded a commitment to direct employment and proper apprenticeships, to ensure that the construction of quality homes will be an opportunity for Scottish workers to acquire sustainable jobs and skills in the construction industry.

Fiona Smith, UNISON told congress that whilst the ongoing commitment from the Scottish Government is welcome, it is important to look at what the planned investment actually means. "The £25 million promised to Local Authorities for building new council houses sounds like a good deal, but when you consider that the housing budget has taken a cut of 6% in real terms, Argyll and Bute's share of the money, for example, will be the equivalent of two houses per year. Clearly, the proof of the pudding will be in the eating!"


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