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STUC 2008



Consultation call on the future of Higher Education

by Kate Ramsden

Sheena Grant
Sheena Grant

Delegates to the STUC gave their full support to an emergency motion calling for broad and meaningful consultation on the strategic future of Higher Education and to an informed public debate on these issues.

They welcomed the recent commitment from the Scottish Government to convene a seminar to allow stakeholders in the higher education sector, including the STUC and affiliated unions, to take part in the discussions before proposals are firmed up; and welcomed the STUC initiative which calls for the needs of learners and staff to be central to the future shape of higher education.

Seconding the motion on behalf of UNISON Scotland, Sheena Grant told congress that it is vital that the voices of those who work in higher education are included in the review. "Meaningful consultation means participating fully in the whole process, not commenting on plans that are already made," she said. "Those who work to deliver public services have a unique perspective. They are taxpayers who want to see their money used well; they are service users who want the highest standards; and because they see public services from both sides they understand what works well, what needs improvement and how to do it. Higher education staff will therefore welcome the opportunity to participate in this review."

She reminded congress that education is delivered by a wide range of workers, not just teachers and lecturers, but also technical and IT staff, librarians, administrators and clerical staff. "These workers all have important insights and understand the demands on the institutions, and work in partnership with academic staff. Excluding their input and views is demoralising and short-sighted," she warned, calling for trade unions representing these staff to be fully involved in the review process.


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