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A&C Staff in the NHS in Scotland

There are over 20,000 A&C staff working in the NHS in Scotland. They constitute 16% of the workforce and outwith nursing are the largest NHS staff group. 85% are women and one-third work part-time.

Often described as the ‘invisible workers' of the NHS the A&C staff group covers a wide range of occupations and functions. They include central services such finance, supplies, personnel, information management and technology; national services supporting GP's, dentists and pharmacists; the management of essential hospital support services including catering, laundry, sterile services and hotel services; and staff who provide direct support to the healthcare team including medical records, reception, secretarial and administrative staff.

Far from being out of sight, it is a little known fact that two-thirds of A&C staff have frequent contact with the public.

Without these and many other essential support services the Scottish NHS could not function.


  Page updated: 1 August 2009