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UK Health Service Conference Liverpool 4-6 April 2011

Lilan Macer'It's our future and it's not for sale'
(04/04/11) "Let's send a message to this government loud and clear: the NHS is our future and it's not for sale." Lilian Macer tells Health Conference (UNISON UK site)
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Keep your hands off our NHS
(04/04/11) "Keep your dirty hands of our health service," Margaret Roberts of Trafford health branch told David Cameron and Nick Clegg this morning (UNISON UK site)

Clare WilliamsOrganising & renewing UNISON in Health
“We face the fight of our lives” said NEC member Clare Williams in moving motion 1 on organising in the first debate at the UNISON health conference. (UNISONActive unofficial blog)


What the NHS means to me
(04/04/11) Testimonies from health workers, patients and members of the public who care about the NHS, being sent to David Cameron and Nick Clegg today. (UNISON UK site)

Health delegates rally for the NHS
(05/04/11) Liverpool docks, scene of so many union struggles, echoed to the cheers and chants of trade unionists again today as hundreds of UNISON health members left their conference hall to rally for the NHS (UNISON UK site)

UNISON nurses put their point across
(05/04/11) UNISON nurses and midwives met Labour shadow health spokesman John Healey and MP for Tooting Sadiq Khan at the House of Commons last night to discuss the ongoing campaign against the government’s NHS and Social Care Bill. (UNISON UK site)

'We will protect the gift of life'
(05/04/11) 'Say no to blood money' – that was the ringing message from UNISON health members as they unanimously condemned plans to privatise parts of the national blood and transfusion service at the union's health conference in Liverpool this morning. (UNISON UK site)

Dave Prentis speech to UNISON health conference
(05/04/11) Full speech on UNISON UK website

We fight on until NHS Bill is in the gutter - Dave Prentis
(05/04/11) UNISON's General Secretary received a standing ovation from delegates at the heath service group conference this morning. (UNISONActive unofficial blog)

Health workers gear up to fight for pensions
(06/04/11) Health workers will join their colleagues in other parts of UNISON and other unions to defend their pensions - including with industrial action if necessary, conference delegates declared in Liverpool this afternoon. (UNISON UK site)

Rena WongWe either go up together or go down together - Rena Wong SEIU
(06/04/11) Rena Wong, an Organising Director with the US union SEIU (Service Employees International Union), spelt out for delegates at the UNISON Health Conference the global realities of attacks on unions. (UNISONActive unofficial blog)

The Frank Hont Rap - A to Z of the NHS Workforce
(06/04/11) UNISON members attending yesterday’s Liverpool rally for the NHS were treated to a master class in audience participation- by MC Frank ‘Onti’ Hont, who read out a roll call of the NHS workforce - to great acclaim from all present: (UNISONActive unofficial blog)

Shadow Minister fails to catch mood of Conference
(06/04/11) Following Dave Prentis' rallying of health delegates to the National Health conference, there was a rousing demo on the concourse outside the Echo Arena. Speakers from across Europe pledged solidarity in the fight to defend public services and public sector workers. (UNISONActive unofficial blog)

Linda HobsonHealth workers gear up to defend pensions
(07/04/11) UNISON delegates to health conference in Liverpool yesterday voted unanimously to build capacity for taking strike action to defend the NHS Pension scheme up to and including a ballot for lawful national industrial action should the Government come after our pensions, writes Linda Hobson. (UNISONActive unofficial blog)


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