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National Delegate Conference Glasgow 16-19 June 2015

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Conference reports from a Scotland perspective and where Scotland delegates are particularly involved will be posted here throughout the week. For other reports see the UK pages. Follow breaking news from Scotland on the UNISON Scotland blog. Local Government reports are here

Scotland at UNISON's National Conference

Photos from Conference now on Picasa

Jane CarolanWe don’t have the luxury of resting. Deep Breath, Heads Down, UNISON, charge!
“We will continue to defend our public services, and to promote the Anti-Austerity Agenda. And where branches like Barnet continue their campaign and industrial action against the sell-off of services, we will continue to back them 100%." Jane Carolan 19/6/15

Davena RankinEquality reps key to fairness at work and must have facility time
UNISON will put equalities at the heart of its bargaining agenda and will campaign with the TUC and through Labour Link for facility time for equality reps. Speaker Davena Rankin 19/6/15

Robert O'DonnellConference Stands With Rab
Conference rose to applaud sacked SECC UNISON rep Robert O'Donnell as he was invited to address Conference. Another emotional standing ovation followed. 19/6/15

Anne GrayHomes for people not profit
Delegates backed a call for government and Labour councils to stop implementing the bedroom tax; for an end the privatisation of social housing; for enforced rent and quality controls over private landlords and for a massive social house build programme. Speaker Ann Gray 19/6/15

Kate RamsdenSocial care staff need UNISON - and some good news from Scotland
Conference applauded as Kate Ramsden told delegates: “I am delighted to report that in March, on appeal, the Court of Session quashed the contempt ruling against our two members." Speakers Kate Ramsden and Naomi Junnor 19/6/15

Jane CarolanConfront the Tory lie on services
UNISON will up its fight for to keep public services public - publicly owned, democratically accountable and delivered by the public sector, busting the austerity myth and continuing to challenge outsourcing and privatisation. Speaker Jane Carolan

Brian SmithDevolution protocol needs updated to reflect the world we live in
The fast moving debate around devolution across the UK was high on the Conference agenda this year, with two motions and a lunchtime fringe. Speakers Jane Carolan and Brian Smith 16/6/15

Stephen SmellieKeep up support and solidarity with Palestine
UNISON reaffirmed its support for the Palestinian people and for a free Palestinian state and will step up our contribution to the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Speaker Stephen Smellie 18/6/15

Lilian MacerFighting for justice for Bhopal
UNISON vowed to put pressure on UK, Indian and US governments to get justice for Bhopal, and to get the Indian Government to ensure adequate healthcare, employment opportunities and pensions for those affected. Speakers Lilian Macer and Sam Macartney 18/6/15

Sandra-Dee MassonWe must place activist training and member learning at the heart of our union
Activism is at the very heart of our union and as we face the threats from a vicious and vindictive Tory Government it has never been more important to organise ensure our representatives are confident and skilled. Speaker Sandra-Dee Masson 18/6/17

Rose JacksonHelen DuddyViolence against women is a gendered issue
UNISON will campaign to educate and improve understanding of violence against women as a gendered issue, providing guidance, sharing good practice and ensuring branches can represent all parties fairly and impartially. Speakers Helen Duddy and Rose Jackson 17/6/15

Gordon McKayJane AitchisonUNISON sets out a strategy to reverse the decline in public sector pay
As our pay has declined, the rich simply get richer and richer. So UNISON will look to build support for progressive taxation systems, getting the message across that increasing pay will promote a healthier economy, and campaigning to change the neo-liberal policies that have been evident in not only Tory Governments but Labour ones too – policies that see the suppression of pay, the maximisation of profits, and the reduction of taxation. Speakers Gordon McKay and Jane Aitchison

Kate RamsdenGive our members confidence that they can make a difference
As conference condemned the growing inequality in this country and backed a national and international political campaign to rebalance the economy to deliver a fair distribution of wealth, Aberdeenshire’s Kate Ramsden issued a challenge to all delegates, calling on them to get the message out to our members that austerity is not just bad for our members and the services we provide, but is also bad for the economy. Speakers Kate Ramsden and Duncan Smith 17/6/15

Lilian MacerUnions are an integral part of Scotland's Fair Work Convention
Conference delegates backed a range of measures to combat the rise of vulnerable employment and casualisation across the UK and to restore decent jobs, decent pay and decent standards in the public, voluntary and private sector. Speaker Lilian Macer 16/6/15

Statement on sacking of SECC UNISON rep

Support the Glasgow strikers
Rally 18 June
18 June rally 5.45pm Click here for leaflet

Devolution Fringe Meeting
12.45-13.45 Wed 17 June SECC
The Impact of Devolution Across The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Implications for Public Services, UNISON and the Trade Unions
Young Members Social Event
8.30pm Tuesday 16 June

In June 2015, 380 UNISON Scotland delegates and visitors from 70 branches will converge on Glasgow for the union's National Delegate Conference

The National Delegate Conference is the union's ruling body. Every year delegates from all over the UK take part in debates to choose our campaigning priorities and policies. Every UNISON branch elects reps to attend annual conference and vote on behalf of their local branch members.

National service group executives and conferences
There are also service groups which bring together members across the country doing similar kinds of jobs or working for the same kinds of employers. Many will have their conferences at the start of the National Conference.

As a member, you can stand for election to your service group executive or as a delegate to the group conference.

Click here for the reports from Conference 2014

Get the Morning Star at Conference

Morning StarThe Morning Star is the only newspaper that reports daily on the debates at conference and reports them favourably. Other daily newspapers are more likely to attack the delegates who demand an end to austerity and decent pay, conditions and pensions for our members.

If you make a speech at conference there is a good chance you'll see your wit and wisdom reported in the paper next day. It is on sale at conference each day from the stall in the exhibitions area.





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