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STUC 2013 Perth

Support PVG but staff shouldn't have to pay to work

Marie Garrity
Marie Garrity

A robust checking system for people working with vulnerable groups, through the Protection of Vulnerable Adults (PVG) scheme is essential, but employees, many of whom are low paid worker in the care and education services, should not be made to pay for these themselves.

The STUC will lobby employers, CoSLA and the Scottish Government to ensure that employers meet the cost of PVG checks and don’t pass this cost on to their workers.

Supporting the motion, UNISON's Marie Garrity told the STUC: "I don’t think I’m being controversial when I say that there is a basic idea about work that most people would understand. That’s the idea - that you go to your work and you get paid for doing it.

"The idea that being at work is something that costs you – is a bit bizarre. It’s also as good an example of why workers need strong, effective trade unions as you’re likely to see."

UNISON campaigned hard on this issue last year and in December Health Secretary Alex Neil wrote to STAC - that’s the committee which administers terms and conditions for Scottish NHS staff.
Asking them to ‘put in place a system where, NHS employers will pay the PVG registration for all staff’

"So when it comes to the NHS - This shouldn’t still be happening", said Marie. Anyone having problems in the NHS should be gently reminding their employers of Alex Neil’s commitment
… incidentally the details are up on the UNISON Scotland Website.

"…and if its good enough for NHS staff, the Scottish Government should be making sure it’s good enough for everybody.

"Congress, all politicians , of every party are keen to shout about how they want to ‘Make work pay’. This composite is about getting them to that by ending the situation where people need to ‘pay to work’. Let's get this sorted", saiud Marie.

17 April 2013

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