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STUC 2013 Perth

Support for career progression for BME Community

Ismail Donmez
Ismail Donmez

Congress backed a range of measures to support the black and minority ethnic community in the workplace, in the face of continuing discrimination even in the 21st Century. This will include positive action programmes, targeted training and a sharing of good practice.

Moving the motion on behalf of the Black Members Conference, UNISON’s Ismail Donmez said that despite legislation outlawing any form of direct and indirect discrimination, it still goes on, especially when it comes to career progression.

“Congress knows well that institutional racism is a reality and we cannot afford to slow down in our war against it,” warned Ismail.

He thanked trade unions and the STUC for creating and running training programmes to support BME members to develop their management potential and secure their share of management positions within the workplace.

“The question however remains, despite all this support, ‘Why are there so few managers from the BME communities?’ said Ismail, pointing to research which showed that BME staff are still less likely than non BME staff to be in leadership and management positions.

“Having BME staff in senior positions is important as they act as role models for other BME staff, providing a confidence boost and increased expectations of what they can aspire to,” said Ismail, adding that they also normalise diversity, change perceptions and make career progression more appealing for a greater number of people.

However, a lot of work still needs to be done to remove the barriers faced by the BME communities in their struggle for career progression.

18 April 2013

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