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STUC 2013 Perth

Bring national bargaining back to further education

Carol Ball

UNISON joined forces with the EIS to win STUC backing for the re-establishment of national bargaining in FE in Scotland at the earliest opportunity with the full involvement of trade unions in the further education sector.

UNISON's Carol Ball told delegates that re-introducing national bargaining was raised over four years ago. "Since then we've had the Griggs review, we've had parliamentary inquiries where national bargaining has come up... but we are still waiting", said Carol.

"And it is not as if the Scottish Government have had a hands-off approach to further education. They have been quite happy to put through massive cuts way out of proportion to the overall reduction in the Scottish government budget.

"They have been quite happy to force college mergers. They have been quite happy to plan a programme of centralisation.. So if they are dragging their feet on this issue it's not because they need to. It's because they've been choosing to", said Carol.

The FE changes were hardly about efficiency. "The amount of staff and management time spent negotiating and overseeing all the different sets of pay and terms and consitions is enormous", added Carol.

"Surely it would be more efficient to move to harmonising to the best of these on a national basis", said Carol.

17 April 2013

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