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STUC 2011



Fighting for disability benefits is about protecting services we all need

John Nisbet
John Nisbet
“Fighting to protect disability benefits is not just about protecting a vulnerable group. It’s about protecting the services we all need”, UNISON's John Nisbet told the STUC.

He was speaking to a Disabled Workers' Conference motion that called on the STUC to

  • lobby the Westminster Government to oppose cuts in public services and benefits that affect disabled workers;
  • demand, as part of the 'There is a Better Way' Campaign, full enforcement and strengthening of employers' responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act; and
  • campaign for full implementation of the public duty to promote equality for disabled people and the elimination of harassment and discrimination disabled people face at work

John slammed the cuts in benefits and services. "These changes are not about cutting out waste, improving efficiency or getting better support to those who need it. This Tory government is determined to cut back public services. The deficit is just an excuse. For us the banking collapse was a crisis for them it was an opportunity.

"For us they are essential services, it's the schools our children attend, it's the doctors we visit, it's the paramedics we hope we never need. They think they can buy better for themselves."

"They want a different society. One where there can be no regulation, no red tape for big business but those on benefits have to fill in form after form and pass test after test for tiny sums of money.

"Where the wealthy can avoid taxes and hide their money while others struggle to heat their homes Where big bonuses are paid to those who bring our economy to the brink of ruin but we can't afford home care workers or meals on wheels", added John as he called for 'a better way'.

"Way we can have the services we want. We can fight these cuts and we can win".

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