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STUC 2011



There is a better way: A Living Wage

Gordon McKay
Gordon McKay
The Living Wage campaign in the NHS has been a major victory at a time when many of our campaigns have been about holding on to the terms and conditions we have, UNISON’s Gordon McKay told the STUC.

"The NHS unions in Scotland, headed up by UNISON, went to the Scottish Government and made the case that they owed a debt to their lowest paid staff", said Gordon, supporting a composite from the General Council and Glasgow, Edinburgh and Kilmarnock and Loudoun TUCs.

These were not the groups of staff that appear on the covers of manifestos or have TV dramas written about them. They weren't the board members who take home up to a £250,000 a year.

"Who they were, were women and men who do some of the hardest, thankless and most caring jobs in the NHS. Ancillary workers, admin staff and health care assistants", said Gordon.

The £7.29 was not won at the expense of other members. “No deals, no quid pro quo. There will be no negotiation with UNISON on reducing conditions in the NHS, not one compulsory redundancy, not one penny of sick pay, not one freeze on increments”, said Gordon."

A 4.4% increase is maybe not a banker's ransom but money that makes a real difference to the lives of decent working people and their families", said Gordon.

"The Living Wage campaign is not a theoretical debate for the lecture hall or St Andrews House - it is a lifeline for our members", he added.

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