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STUC 2011



What kind of residential care would we want for ourselves?

Stephen Brown
Stephen Brown

On the day the inquiry into the Uddingston care home fire exposed serious safety failings, the STUC called for an end to privatisation of homes for older people, a stricter regulation scheme and proper staff training and standards.

Stephen Brown moved an amendment to the Inverness and District TUC motion to ensure it reflected that many care staff work in the voluntary and private sectors as well as the public sector.

"I am far too young obviously to be thinking about this but there may come a day when I would be looking at going into such a home", bringing a giggle from delegates.

"What would I want when I get there? What would I want for my 82 year old father to go into? I would want a place that is safe where I would be well looked after and where the staff were friendly, caring and where they were well rewarded for what they do", he added.

"UNISON represents many care staff in the public, voluntary and private sectors working hard to provide professional care often in very difficult circumstances", said Stephen.

"We need to make sure that we focus our campaign in the right direction We cannot attack the workers themselves but our focus must be on the guilty. Who are the guilty?

"These are the bad employers who exploit workers through low pay, poor terms and conditions and in many cases do not roster enough staff on a shift to provide adequate levels of care.

"Our experience in UNISON shows that when profit is threatened by cuts the first focus of such employers is to make savings by reducing wages and cutting terms and conditions of care staff rather than looking at savings through through innovation and improved efficiency".

"The STUC should fight for the rights of all workers regardless of which sector they work in."

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