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All BAOT members (other than those outside the United Kingdom or those who are solely employed in private practice) are members of UNISON UNISON provides industrial relations support for the British Association of Occupational Therapists (BAOT)

For help and advice at work - or to find out more about UNISON services Ė please contact your local BAOT/UNISON steward or call our hotline: UNISONdirect on 0845 355 0845 . Calls are at local rate. Lines are open 6am-midnight Monday-Friday and 9am-4pm Saturdays.

If you donít have an OT Steward in your workplace, then elect one. Every workplace should have a BAOT/UNISON Steward to represent the views and needs of occupational therapy staff.

If you donít have a steward in your workplace then you should raise this issue at one of your team meetings. OT Stewards are given accredited training and are entitled to paid time off to carry out their duties. For more information email baotstewards@unison.co.uk

BAOT provides professional advice, professional development and professional support. To access advice and resources and to participate in BAOT events, committees and local groups visit the BAOT website at: www.baot.org.uk