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Scottish Labour Link: Affiliated Political Fund

Key Decisions
June 2003
March 2003
30 Jan 2003
10 Oct 2002

Scottish Labour Link Committee: 10 October 2003

Key Decisions

  • UNISON representatives on the Scottish Labour Party Executive reported on recent meetings which had focussed on the Party's response to the Local Governance (S) Bill. Other issues relevant to UNISON members had been raised including the nursery nurses dispute, civil partnerships, crime and the budget.
  • The first Labour Link area meeting had been held in Hamilton.
  • Dave Watson had been elected Chair of STULP at the AGM. A 2004 development bid was being prepared and ministers responded to range of issues raised by delegates.
  • A paper on revitalising the Scottish Labour Party was considered. This built on the UNISON and STULP events feedback from members. The debate will now be promoted widely within the party.
  • The committee agreed its position on motions tabled at the forthcoming Forum.
  • Current legislation and consultations were considered.
  • The Branch Labour link Toolkit was considered and will be circulated to branches.

Dave Watson
November 2003


Scottish Labour Link Committee: 26 June 2003


  • Reports received from delegates to the Scottish Labour Party conference and the UK Labour Link Forum.
  • STULP is to organise political education seminars for affiliated trade union activists in the autumn as part of an effort to strengthen the link at local level.
  • Following the UK Forum the committee adopted revised operational rules that strengthen the link with all sections of UNISON in Scotland.
  • The new Area Structure for Labour Link will be implemented in a round of local meetings in the autumn.
  • The committee gave detailed consideration to the coalition agreement ‘Partnership for a Better Scotland' and held a political education session on proportional representation. A P&I briefing will shortly be published on this issue.
  • The committee reviewed its arrangements for involvement in the parliamentary process, including links with parliamentary groups.
  • The Scottish Labour Link Forum will be held on 1 November 2003 in Edinburgh. It was agreed to shorten the format to include fewer presentations and more participation from delegates.
  • Revised objectives for 2003-04 were agreed following the March policy seminar.
  • The next meeting will be held on 9 October 2003.

Dave Watson
July 2003


Scottish Labour Link Committee: 15 March 2003


  • This was a brief meeting held during the annual policy seminar in Edinburgh.

  • Arrangements for the Scottish Labour Party conference to be held in Dundee on 20/21 March were considered. In particular arrangements for the UNISON supported fringe meeting and debates on the war in Iraq. The UNISON delegation would be supporting UNISON policy on Iraq and would be pressing for a debate.

  • The committee nominated Karie Murphy for the general seat on the Labour Party UK Policy Forum.

  • There was an update on the Scottish election strategy. The committee also agreed to support Labour candidates facing racist candidates in local elections.

  • Consideration was given to the motions tabled for the Labour Link UK Political Forum to be held in Glasgow in May. Amendments were agreed to motions on the trade union link and pensions.

  • This was the first meeting of the committee since the tragic death of John Lambie. It was agreed to investigate the possibility of establishing a bursary for a low paid members as a memorial to John.

  • The next meeting will be held on 26 June.

Dave Watson
March 2003


Scottish Labour Link Committee: 30 January 2003


  • This was the Scottish Labour Link committee's AGM. Karie Murphy was elected Chair and Pat Roland Vice-Chair.

  • The committee reviewed membership on an interim basis before considering rule changes later in the year. Most groups within UNISON Scotland are represented on the committee with the exception of the Young Members Committee who will be invited to nominate a member.

  • Graham Young has been elected to represent Scotland on the UK Labour Link committee.

  • The Scottish Labour Party Executive had debated major policy issues including the fire dispute and Iraq as well as dealing with internal organisational issues including the 2003 elections.

  • The STULP committee had held meetings with the Secretary of State and the First Minister, followed by a series of meetings with Scottish Executive ministers to address outstanding issues.

  • The committee considered the draft operational rules for Labour Link which incorporate the organisational changes recommended by the APF review.

  • The statement by the Secretary of State confirming the retention of 129 MSPs was welcomed.

  • UNISON Labour Link would be supporting fringe meetings at conference organised by the SHA and the Keeping Scotland Warm campaign.

  • A detailed organisational plan was considered aimed at strengthening local Labour Link organisation. The main proposal is to organise branches into regional groupings. Further consideration will be given to the implementation of this plan at the March seminar.

  • The committee adopted a strategy for the 2003 Scottish elections including support for UNISON MSPs and other campaign activities.

  • Motions on accountability and policy making in the Labour Party and the Middle East will be submitted to the UK Labour Link Forum.

  • Constituency Development Plans have been reviewed. One CDP will be terminated and the remainder renegotiated to assist with strengthening the link between local branches and the CLPs concerned.

Dave Watson

February 2003


Scottish Labour Link (APF) Committee: 10 October 2002

Key Decisions

  • Welcomed the outcome of the debate on PPP/PFI at the UK Labour Party conference.
  • Received reports on local UNISON Labour Link activity.
  • Noted new communication initiatives including the web page, newsletters and APF Officers bulletin.
  • 17 APF Officers attending training course on 7/8 October.
  • Questionnaire on Constituency Development Plans circulated. Report to the January meeting.
  • Paper presented on progress with the APF review. Full presentation and workshops at APF Forum on 2 November. Defer changes in Scottish APF constitution in light of these proposals.
  • Scottish Labour Link views on UK policy forum papers submitted.
  • Nominations to Scottish Labour Party Conference and Scottish Labour Party Executive agreed.
  • Response to Regional TULO consultation agreed. Proposals inadequately reflect Scottish position.
  • Agreed position on motions to APF Forum.
  • Motion on Iraq forwarded to UK Labour Link Committee.
  • Calendar of meetings for 2003; 16 January, 7/8 March, 26 June, 9 October. The APF Forum will be held on 1 November 2003.


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