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Scottish Labour Link: Branch Officers Toolkit

Labour Link Scotland Committee

The Labour Link Scotland Committee co-ordinates policies and activities of the Labour Link in Scotland, working with Service Groups and Self Organised Groups to take forward UNISON policies.

Committee Composition:

The Labour Link Scotland Committee is elected annually as follows:

  • Nine members elected on the basis of fair representation (at least 5 of whom are women). These members are elected at the Scottish Labour Link Forum by branch ballot. There should aim to be a spread of service group and geographical representation.
  • Six members elected by the UNISON Labour Link levy payers on the UNISON Scottish Committee from amongst the members of the Committee who pay the UNISON Labour Link Levy. These are elected on the basis of fair representation so at least 3 are women.
  • Additional members from the following groups are elected if no representative from these groups is already elected: each service group, the self organised groups, young members committee.
  • Members who serve on the UNISON Labour Link National Committee attend in an ex-officio capacity, so they can speak but not vote.
  • Members who represent UNISON Labour Link on the Labour Party's Scottish Executive Committee may speak but not vote.
  • The Scottish Organiser with responsibility for the Labour Link acts as secretary to the Committee, so can speak but not vote.
  • Other UNISON staff are able to attend the Committee to facilitate the meetings, and can speak but not vote.

The Scottish Labour Link Committee itself elects a Chair and Vice Chair (at least one of whom is a woman) who also act as Chair and Vice Chair to the Labour Link Forum.

Currently these positions are held as follows:

Chair: Gordon McKay (Ayrshire and Arran Health Branch)

Vice Chair: Pat Rowland (West Dunbartonshire Branch)

The Scottish Organiser responsible for the Labour Link, Dave Watson acts as Secretary to the Committee. (d.watson@unison.co.uk tel: 0845 355 0845).

Committee Responsibilities and Functions

The Scottish Labour Link Committee ensures the widest participation of members in decision making at all levels within the Labour Link in Scotland, and develops effective communication with branches and members.

Meetings of the Committee are held 4 times a year of which the March meeting incorporates a policy seminar.

The Committee produces an Annual Report, which is submitted to the Scottish Labour Link Forum and to the National Labour Link Committee, on the development of the Labour Link organisation in Scotland and their activities during the year.

The key responsibilities and functions of the Committee are:

  • Overseeing the organisation and administration of all UNISON Labour Link fund activities between the meetings of the Labour Link Scotland Forum, producing a workplan for the Scottish Labour Link and monitoring development.
  • Controlling the Scottish UNISON Labour Link fund and budget, and if appropriate seeking additional funding from the National UNISON Labour Link for any training or campaigns.
  • Organising delegations to the Scottish Labour Party Conference to promote UNISON's policies and interests.
  • Receiving regular reports from the Scottish Labour Party Executive and associated committees, and guiding the work of UNISON Labour Link representatives on these bodies.
  • Receiving regular reports from members of the UNISON Labour Link National Committee.
  • Ensuring effective liaison with elected Labour representatives in Scotland and overseeing the effective and democratic involvement of UNISON Labour Link representatives within the party's structures at Scottish and local levels.
  • Encouraging UNISON members to join the Labour Link and persuading Labour Link members to become individual members of the Labour Party.
  • Organising policy debates and political education events to develop the knowledge and skills of members and activists.
  • Working with the Labour Party on joint campaigning, providing resources and support for the Scottish Labour Party before and during elections.
  • Administering and monitoring Constituency Development Plans with Constituency Labour Parties, developing organisation and campaigning to help promote UNISON members' interests.
  • Promoting equality and fair representation at all levels of UNISON Labour Link organisation in Scotland, monitoring progress and taking appropriate action to achieve these aims.