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Recruitment resources - Guide for branches

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UNISON Scotland's 2012 Stronger Together campaign


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"The only way this union can keep strong is by recruiting. And we recruit best where we've got issues and we recruit best where we've got branch organisation." Dave Prentis, general secretary

There are many workers in public services who work in the larger workplaces where we already have recognition and a presence, who are not yet in UNISON.

UNISON's major new recruitment campaign is aimed at all these workers who have not yet joined us and focuses on the personal benefits of UNISON membership. We have produced a range of recruitment material, and activity in the workplace will be backed up by a national TV advertising campaign and recruitment ads in national and regional newspapers.

On this page you will find details of what you can do in your branch and what material is available to help you recruit new members where you work.

We will be adding resources to this page when we launch so check back to see what's new that you can use in branch newsletters and on branch websites.

What can branches do?

  • Ask potential members to join online.
  • Order the new recruitment materials.
  • Tweet and share on Twitter and Facebook - using the hashtag #JoinUNISON
  • Create your own branch personalised materials using UNISON's online print service.The service is free except for pull up stands, which are great value at £150.
  • Use any digital communications you have - branch websites, newsletters, email or social media to back up the recruitment message and reach out to potential members.
  • When signing up new members it is important to try and complete the process there and then, but if potential members want to take the form away, agree a time and place to collect it.
  • Try and visit all new members who have joined so that you can chat to them about any issues they have. This will help them to get active in the union and to get to know UNISON reps and activists.
  • Where it is clear people either have local issues or want to become more involved, whoever visits them should be ready and able to say what UNISON can do about their issue.
  • It is important - particularly where significant numbers of new members are recruited - that we identify new activists, so that we can support these new members in the workplace.

Remember, if you need to contact UNISON, the number to call is 0845 355 0845. The 0800 number on the new recruitment material is for joining UNISON only.



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Page updated 10 March 2013