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Tell a Pall You can Tell a Pal there is a better way by emailing with a ready made message or make your own directly from Hotmail and Gmail and share with Facebook, Twitter and many others

Tell a Pal postcard
Download a pdf copy of the 'Tell a Pal' postcard here

There is an alternative to cuts

There are many more resources that prove there is an alternative to cuts in services and privatisation. Check them out.....

Scotland inUNISON Sept/Oct covers more myths, There is a Better Way and Tell a Pal

Weekly Top MythsSTUC Better Way campaign:
Myth Busters


Public service cuts are driven by ideology not economics. There is nothing inevitable about public service cuts - they do not make economic sense. 5 facts from UNISON's Aberdeenshire Branch

What the Economists say about the cuts: From East Midlands UNISON

Mythbuster articles from the unofficial UNISONActive blog

Key messages for campaigning and training

  • Cuts driven by ideology not economics. Nothing inevitable about cuts
  • We all need public services – the economy needs public services – we can afford public services if everyone pays their fair share
  • Economy depends on healthy public sector – cuts risk a double dip recession
  • No private/public divide. For every 1 public sector job lost, at least 1 lost in private sector. For every £1 earned by public service worker 70p goes back into local economy
  • Cuts hit the poorest far more than the rich – we are not ‘all in this together’
  • After war debt at least three times (at peak 5 times) higher yet we built the NHS and the Welfare State


Spread the WordDownload a 'Spread the Word' powerpoint to use in branches - and a resources list Word Doc

Tell a Pal
1. Cuts donít just mean job losses.
They will mean cuts in the quality of our childrenís education and the standards of our health service. Cuts attack the fabric of society.
Tell a pal
2. We can easily afford public services if everyone pays their fair share.
The 1000 richest people are worth £330 billion pounds and their wealth has increased by 30% in the last year. £330bn is enough to clear the deficit - twice over.
Tell a Pal
3. Cutting public sector jobs will mean job losses in the private sector
There will be a knock on effect from Public Sector Job losses. Economists believe that at least one private sector job will go for every public sector job loss.







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