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All the Police news and updates are now on the UNISON Police Staff Scotland Branch's own website at http://unisonpolicestaffscotland.org/


Submission to Scottish Police Authority on the
draft Strategic Police Plan Feb 2013
- pdf

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Campaign against police staff job cuts - for a balanced modern police team

UNISON is campaigning to stop thousands of police staff jobs being cut due to police force reform in Scotland in the immediate future.

Police staff A5 leaflet March 2012  

Police Matters bulletin
Police Matters - no 4 - June 2012
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Police Matters bulletin
Police Matters - third edition - May 2012
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Police Matters bulletin
Police Matters - second edition - April 2012
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Police Matters bulletin
Police Matters - UNISON Bulletin for police staff members March 2012
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Police staff A4 poster March 2012
Don't take policing back to the 1970s UNISON Police Staff campaign
A4 Poster March 2012

Don't take policing back to the 1970s UNISON Police Staff campaign A5 Leaflet March 2012

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March 2012 (top right)



Recent press releases:

26 Sep: UNISON calls for action to avert 3,000 police staff job cuts

4 Sep: Police numbers increased by taking uniformed officers off the street

31 Aug: New Police Authority chair should put force needs ahead of political targets - UNISON

26 June: A police service based on cost can never deliver the service Scotland needs - UNISON response to the Police & Fire Reform Bill – stage 3 debate

10 May UNISON calls for a balanced, modern police team ahead of parliamentary debate on national forces
2 May
If police targets are maintained, large scale civilian cuts will follow
UNISON response to stage 1 report on Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Bill
14 March: Treasury confirms VAT bill for single fire and police services - UNISON
12 March: Justice Secretary meets UNISON as campaign for balanced modern police force launched
9 March: Police staff secure victory in fight over pay cuts of up to 35%
28 Feb: UNISON warns staff jobs cuts could lead to scandal of 2,000 police officers taken off street
22 Feb: UNISON urges councillors to end compulsory redundancy threat to police staff in Strathclyde 
21 Feb: UNISON raises concern over threat to 2,000 police staff jobs at Scottish Parliament 
26 Jan: Threat to 2000 Scottish police staff jobs is criminal
17 Jan: Cuts to police staff could have damaging effect on law and order - UNISON 

Feb 2012: Briefing on Police and Fire Reform (pdf)
The Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Bill currently before the Scottish Parliament will create a new unitary police force (and a unitary fire service) in Scotland. Scottish government savings combined with a pledge to keep a specified number of police officers - 17,234 - have led police chiefs to propose massive cuts to support staff jobs. Over a thousand jobs have been lost in 2010-2011. Two thousand or more additional jobs are at risk. Meanwhile police officers are doing police staff jobs. UNISON believes in a balanced and modern police service with police staff doing the jobs for which they are trained.

UNISON Scotland Evidence to Scottish Parliament Committees on the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Bill published in Feb 2012:

Other background documents:



It is police support staff who make the police tick. With over 50,000 police and justice members, UNISON is one of the largest unions in the justice system. Our members work in everything from admin and front desk roles to forensics and photography.

Our members work in every police force in the UK, except Northern Ireland and the Met.

How we organise

In UNISON you are always a member of a branch that brings you together with other employees who do similar kinds of work or face common issues in their workplaces. Members elect workplace stewards and safety reps and vote for branch officers. Every branch is supported by its nearest UNISON regional centre, where staff work with elected lay members.

Each UNISON branch elects its own reps to attend the UNISON National Delegate conference and vote on behalf of all local branch members.

In Scotland UNISON police members are covered by the Police Support Staff Council (PSSC) Scotland. The PSSC sets national terms and conditions for police support staff. The Staff Side Secretary is Peter Veldon, who can be contacted at the UNISON Edinburgh Office - p.veldon@unison.co.uk

The following staff groups also meet together under the UNISON umbrella: National Crime Squad members/National Criminal Intelligence Service members Forensic Group of UNISON members Service Delivery Working Party - five members of the police service group executive Traffic Warden members group.