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Protecting Our Pensions



Pensions Archive 2004-2008

UNISON members vote 25 to 1 for new pension scheme

5 April 2008: Scotland's largest local government union - UNISON, today announced that its membership conditioned to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) had voted overwhelmingly for a new scheme in a ballot. The union said that over 95% of LGPS members had voted to accept Scottish Government proposals for a new scheme announced in February. Click here for full press release.

Vote Yes for new pension scheme and recruit a friend

New Pensions ballot: Ballot papers will be dispatched to members on 3 March 2008 and the ballot will close on 21 March 2008. If a UNISON member has not received a ballot paper, or members have lost their paper, please contact the ballot helpline by 18 March 2008. Either phone 0131 226 0096 or email membershipteamscotland@unison.co.uk. Evidence of UNISON membership will be required.

Also enclosed with the ballot paper will be a ‘recruit a friend' leaflet . At a time when quality pension schemes are under attack from employers there can be few better examples of the benefits of UNISON membership.

Pensions Bulletin 10 February 2008 PDF

Full pensions details in ballot insert PDF

Recruit a friend in the run up to the ballot PDF

Recruitment and pensions handout PDF

Heads of Agreement New Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) PDF

New Heads of Agreement New Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) Powerpoint presentation

Scottish NHS Pensions: Ill Health Retirement Briefing Nov 2007

Local Govt Pensions Bulletin 8 Nov 07 PDF

Scottish NHS: Pensions Update Briefing No.170

Local Govt Pensions Bulletin 7 Aug07 (Word Doc) plus consultation powerpoint

Local Govt Pensions Bulletin 6 July 07 (Word Doc)

Local Govt Pensions Bulletin 5 June 07

Local Govt Pensions Bulletin 4 Feb 07PDF

NHS Pension Review Response - Jan 07

Pensions delegate meeting Friday 1 December agreed a special bulletin to members in the LG scheme which will follow soon.

Scottish LGPS Funds Briefing

Local Govt Pensions Bulletin November 2006 PDF

Pensions Briefing No 2 Oct 2006 PDF

New-Look LGPS for Scotland Briefing October 2006

September 06: Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Key Issues Briefing

July 06: Joint statement with employers re Rule of 85 plus New Local Government Pension Scheme workplan and timetable

29 June: Scottish LG pensions regulations move towards greater protection


Pensions news archive

24 May: UNISON seeks Pensions Judicial Review UNISON has lodged a request for a judicial review of the government's decision to change the local government pension scheme, while making some progress in talks. Click here for full details on UNISON UK site

Scotland Pensions talks
At 10 May, Further talks were due directly with the minister. Look out for details on the website. The unions met the Scottish employers and the Scottish Executive on 21 April, 25 April and 3 May. They centred mainly on legal issues but the unions and CoSLA made it clear that they stood by their view that the ‘Rule of 85' was not in breach of the European Directive on age equality, backed up by legal advice.

•12 April: Industrial action on pensions suspended

• Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to strike on 26 April
1 April: Meat inspectors' action brings last minute talks
31 Mar: UNISON's Scottish Council discuss pension dispute
30 Mar: Prescott provocation ensures meat inspector strike
28 March: Huge support for first day of action to defend pensions
Get ready for 28 March
28 Feb: UNISON calls for pensions rethink
27 Feb: Overwhelming Labour Vote wins review commitment from Minister - use this for branch newsheets
Ayrshire Pensions Meeting 6 March

* Scottish Labour Conference successful motion

* Labour Link pensions briefing for Scottish Labour Conference (pdf 100k)

* SPPA Report: Future of the LGPS Briefing

* 29 Jan: LGPS Update - the rule of 85 Briefing

* Submission To the Scottish Public Pensions Agency on the ‘Proposed changes to the Local Government Pension Scheme in Scotland'.

* Response to the Scottish Public Pensions Agency on the ‘Draft Local Government Pension Scheme (Scotland) Regulations 2003 Miscellaneous Amendments'

Review of public sector pension schemes: UNISON factsheet
Why public service workers are angry about their pensions - a UNISON factsheet on the review of the public sector pension schemes.
PDFAcrobat PDF version (UK Website)

UNISON rebuttal to the government's arguments on the public sector pension schemes
Includes arguments general to all the public sector schemes and arguments specific to the Local Government Pension Scheme.
PDFAcrobat PDF version (UK Website)

Public services pensions lobby: PowerPoint presentation
Details UNISON's arguments to government regarding the future of our pensions, put to MPs at a TUC lobby on 16 November 2004.
Download PowerPoint file (UK Website)


• New Questions and Answers about the government's plans (Feb 06)


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