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Date: Friday 12 June 2015

UNISON sorely disappointed that SECC refuse to reinstate Robert O’Donnell

UNISON are sorely disappointed that the SECC have up held their decision to dismiss Robert O’Donnell

Robert is a gardener for the SECC. He was dismissed on 25 May 2015. UNISON represented him at an internal appeal on 10 June. The decision to uphold the dismissal of Robert O’Donnell for gross misconduct was confirmed today (12 June)

UNISON continue to support Robert O’Donnell. We are concerned that the recognised independent ACAS code of practice was not properly followed. We are consulting Robert on the way forward.

A UNISON spokesperson said ‘this is a difficult time for Robert and his family and we are supporting him in every way we can. We are sorely disappointed that the SECC upheld their decision to dismiss Robert. Even though we presented them with a number of grounds why we felt their decision had not followed ACAS independent code of practice. We are consulting with Robert to decide on the best way forward.’ 

Robert O’Donnell was a UNISON member and the health and safety representative at the SECC.



Danny Phillips, UNISON communications officer, 07944 664 110

Notes for editors
·UNISON is the biggest trade union in Scotland
· Robert O’Donnell is a UNISON member, he was the staff health and safety representative at the SECC
· UNISON do not have a recognition agreement with SECC
· The recognised independent ACAS code of practice sets out the minimum legal standard that employers are expected to follow