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  Make council tax BETTER


Council Tax Flyer
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Council tax leaflet
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Highland Castle Owner - Resident overseas
Council Tax due = £ 2,078
Local Income Tax due = £ None

A fairer tax?

UNISON wants a better Council Tax - fairer than a Local Income Tax

Fairer to families,
fairer to workers

Local income taxes make working families pay more.

  • Property based taxes mean one bill per household, income taxes affect each person in the house.

  • The more workers in your household the more you will pay

Fairer shares

Local Income taxes won't make the wealthy pay more

  • Those who live in tax havens still pay council tax on any UK property. Under a local income tax they would pay nothing and still get their bins emptied

  • Property is impossible to hide, or move abroad to tax shelters

  • It is easier to avoid paying income tax. Council tax is much more difficult to evade

Fairer distribution

Property values are a broad indicator of wealth

  • Income is only one indicator of wealth. For example, people with dependants and mortgages often have less disposable income than people with no dependants who own their property.

  • The size and value of your house is related to your overall wealth.

  • Increased bands at the top of the council tax levels and improved benefits at the bottom would improve the fairness of the council tax




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