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Festival of Politics: Scottish Parliament

Identity and Community –The Happy Lands

Happy Lands poster

Saturday 24 August 2013, 17.00 - 19.30

News from the Festival of Politics: "The Happy Lands is a unique film focussing on Fife’s mining communities around the time of the great strike in 1926.

"It maps the events that many say laid the foundation of Scotland’s identification with socialism and internationalism and asks the questions that many Scots feel aren’t being asked within the current Yes/No campaign.

"Join us for a screening of this groundbreaking film, followed by a discussion and debate that will explore notions of identity and community. Does legacy inform our identity and shape our communities, and how important are identity and community as we head towards the referendum?"

Chair the Rt Hon Henry McLeish, former First Minister and MP and MSP for Central Fife, will explore the issues with panellists director Robert Rae; actor George Wallace; Tom Brown, political commentator and author; and Polly Toynbee, journalist and writer for The Guardian.

Link here to the Festival of Politics website, where details of all the events offered, as well as entertainment can be found: www.festivalofpolitics.org.uk/index.htm

Updated 6 August 2013