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General secretary election 2015

Your union – your vote

November 2015: UNISON is holding an election this year to choose who will be general secretary and lead the union for the next five years.

If you’re a UNISON member, it’s time to be heard and use your vote in the ballot, which opened on 9 November.

Ballot Helpline

You can request a replacement ballot paper any time from 16 November until noon on 1 December by calling the helpline on 0800 0 857 857.

There’s no bigger role in the union than that of general secretary.

It’s one of the most high-profile jobs in the country – leader of the largest public service trade union in the UK and the leading voice of more than 1.3 million public service workers.

When government ministers or employers sit down with an elected general secretary, they know they’re dealing with someone with 1.3 million trade unionists behind them.

It gives us political clout. It helps UNISON get things done. That’s why it’s vitally important all our members cast their votes.

According to the UNISON rule book, the general secretary is the “principal officer” of the union. Our rules, and trade union legislation, say UNISON has to elect its general secretary every five years.

Voting is very important – you need to make sure your general secretary represents you.

It will have a tremendous effect on the future of our union – use your vote and encourage your colleagues to do the same.

All UNISON members, including retired members, who were in membership on 9 August 2015, have the right to vote in this important election.

The ballot closes at 5pm on 4 December.

It’s your union and your vote counts. Be heard – use your vote in UNISON’s general secretary election.

Returning officer and scrutineer

The returning officer and scrutineer for this election is Electoral Reform Services, The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Rd London N8 0NW.

Tel 020 8365 8909. Email unison@electoralreform.co.uk


Any complaint about the conduct or fairness of this election must be received no later than 5pm on 11 December 2015. Complaints must be in writing and should enclose any supporting documentation. Complaints should be sent to Electoral Reform Services, The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW.

Email unison@electoralreform.co.uk. Fax 020 8365 7013.

Any queries on this information or this election should be directed to the Member Liaison Unit at the UNISON centre. Email: elections@unison.co.uk. Tel: 020 7121 5399