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National Delegate Conference 17-20 June 2008

Cross service action to challenge PFI and shared services

by Kate Ramsden

Lilian MacerUNISON will continue its opposition to Public Private Partnerships, Strategic Service-delivery partnerships and Private Finance Initiatives and to shared services as a way of providing local services.

It will develop cross-service and cross-regional strategies to challenge outsourcing in all its forms and will campaign for a change in this government's "direction of travel" on this.

Speaking in support of Comp A , "Strategic Service Delivery Partnerships/Shared Services, Lilian Macer, Scotland Region, said, "Until now, branches have had to deal with this fast-moving agenda within their own resources in terms of both finance and expertise. But the multi-national companies, who are the main beneficiaries of these initiatives have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, not to mention the huge financial resource to compete within this environment.

"If branches are to be fit for purpose to actively engage and deliver on this challenging agenda they need the tools to do so," she told conference adding that the national union needs urgently to support activists within branches to ensure our members are not disadvantaged by this agenda.

"Effective and timely communication to share current and past experiences will allow branches the evaluation and learning branches sorely need."