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Key Contacts



Mike Kirby

Lilian Macer

Mike and Lilian, Scottish Region Delegates

Mike Kirby and Lilian Macer are Scotland's delegates to Conference, elected by the Scottish Council of branches earlier this year. They are an essential source of information and fulfil a key organisational role. They can help you liaise with other branches and regions throughout the week.

They are very approachable and will keep you right if you need any advice. They will know how debates are being organised, who to speak to and, more importantly, how to get to speak. They will advise on Scottish policy and will speak for the Region in debates.

Matt Smith

Matt Smith, Scottish Secretary

Matt Smith is Scotland's top full time official, leading the union in Scotland in partnership with Mike Kirby, the elected lay convenor. Matt has a long and distinguished history in the trade union movement in Scotland. He is treasurer of the Scottish Trade Union Congress and is a past president of the STUC. Matt has recently been appointed to the Calman Commission on Scottish Devolution.

North Stephenson

Norma Stephenson, National President

Norma Stephenson is the current president of UNISON, the highest lay member position. She will chair Conference throughout the week. She is a healthcare assistant for Tees, Esk & Wear Valley NHS Trust. Born and bred in Stockton-on-Tees, where she still lives, Norma went to local St Mary's Roman Catholic school and then, at age 18, after a short time at WH Smith's, started work at the hospital 'right opposite' her home.

Dave Prentis

Dave Prentis, General Secretary

Dave Prentis was elected general secretary of UNISON in 2000, took up the post on 1 January, 2001 and was re-elected last year. Dave was born and brought up in Leeds and went to the University of London where he took a BA in history. This was followed by an MA in industrial relations at the University of Warwick. He is a member of the TUC General Council, the TUC Executive and the Trade Union Labour Party Liaison Committee.

Robin Hunter

Bob Revie, Standing Orders Committee

Bob Revie is Scotland's rep on the Standing Orders Committee which sets out the business for the week, taking over this year from longstanding standing orders guru Robin Hunter. Bob is the source of information on what's going on and whether your motion has any chance!


Conference briefings and website service

John Stevenson
John Stevenson

Jane Aitchison
Jane Aitchison

Kate Ramsden
Kate Ramsden

The Scottish Communications and Campaigns Committee, along with the Regional delegates, will issue daily briefings during Conference week.

It is not a ‘News' service after the event (after all you were there), it is for briefing delegates before the event. However, we will issue some special reports as a basis for branch magazine reports back home.

We will also be updating the website with most of what goes out in print so you can get easy access at www.unison-scotland.org.uk/conf2008.

The service is also there to be used by branches to promote motions within Scottish policy. In special circumstances we can also help with typing and communications with branches, press etc back home.

Your contact is SiU editor John Stevenson who leads the team with Jane Aitchison and Kate Ramsden, with other committee members helping out too.

You will find the team in the Newssheet area in the Tregonwell Hall but please do not visit in numbers, it is very busy.