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National Delegate Conference 17-20 June 2008

UNISON to review democratic processes to build involvement

Mike Kirby
Mike Kirby

by Jane Aitchison

UNISON is to set a constructive plan for a consultation to involve branches more in policy formation while holding on to the union's core values of rights matched with responsibilities.

Crucially this plan will take into account the devolution agenda and the different relationships the union has with administrations in the four countries.

Mike Kirby said "This union thrives.This union grows. It engages not only its members. It engages the community in which our members work. We set that agenda, that action plan through our debates, our lay democracy and work in partnership with staff to deliver. But we live in a changing political world and our processes require periodic review."

The 1998 Conference gave rise to the Democracy Guidelines that will be reviewed.

Mike said, "But ten years on we have to take account of the dynamic of devolution, the growing powers of the Assembly in Wales, that there is now an Assembly in Northern Ireland, coalitions and minority government in Scotland.All set a context for us to organise debate and campaign in places other than Westminster."