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Sources of Scottish Statistics No 9
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There are a variety of sources of data on the Scottish economy which may be of use in local bargaining. These are available in journal format and electronically.

This briefing identifies the range of statistics which can be accessed. If any branch requires assistance in obtaining statistics they should contact the UNISON Policy and Information Team.


Earnings in Scotland
Earnings data are contained in the annual New Earnings Survey,
published by Office of National Statistics. This survey is published in 6 parts from October each year and is based on a 1% sample of employees in employment in the UK. Part E of the survey contains data on Scotland.

The New Earnings Survey details the average gross weekly earnings in the Scottish economy, in the public and private sectors and for male and female workers. It also compares, for example, earnings of local government staff in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Low Pay in Scotland
The Scottish Low Pay Unit produces regular briefings on low pay in Scotland which are available from the Policy and Information Team or from the Scottish Low Pay Unit direct on 0141 221 4491.

Unemployment and Vacancies in Scotland
The Office for National Statistics (ONS) produces a monthly breakdown of employment, unemployment and vacancy data for Scotland and various sub-regions. The report includes the headline figures and age and duration statistics. A summary version is available on the ONS web site

The Scottish Parliament Information Centre also produces figures on unemployment by Scottish Parliamentary constituency each month. This is available from the Scottish Parliament web site

Employment in Scotland
The most comprehensive source of information on employment comes from the Annual Business Inquiry (ABI). This data is reproduced in a number of publications such as the Scottish Economic Statistics (see below).

Education and Training
Information on training and educational attainment is available in the Labour Force Survey, and in the Scottish Household Survey which is available from

Local Labour Market Information
There is often a considerable level of detailed labour market information produced in local areas by the local economic agencies. For example the Strathclyde Labour Market Information Monitoring Service (SLIMS), or the Fife Labour Market Information Group both involve partnerships of local agencies. Local Enterprise Companies, Local Authorities, and Local Careers Companies all hold local data.

Detailed statistics on women and Scottish life can be found on the Engender web site

UK Data - Earnings, Inflation and Unemployment
Although unemployment information is available for Scotland on a monthly basis this is not the case with both average earnings and inflation.

Monthly UK earnings, inflation and unemployment can be found in the UNISON publication Key Negotiating Statistics which is available from the UNISON web site in the section on 'Workplace Advice'


The new publication Scottish Statistics contains a range of information on the Scottish economy (eg GDP), industrial statistics (eg enterprises, employment, regional selective assistance, service sector), labour market and personal information (eg household income, recipients of benefits, income, economic activity, jobs by industry) and economic data (government expenditure, local authority expenditure etc)

The web link for Scottish Economic Statistics is


In addition to the above:

COSLA Staffing Watch

  • Breakdown of local government employees in Scotland by local authority and department

Health Service Report

  • Quarterly journal of health service pay and employment practice
  • Pay and earnings statistics
  • Surveys eg millennium pay

IDS Reports

  • Fortnightly journal detailing pay, conditions and labour market changes
  • Details of agreements
  • Pay statistics
  • Sector surveys

Labour Research

  • Monthly journal containing news on labour market developments
  • Labour market data eg earnings, unemployment, RPI, forecasts

LRD Fact Sheets

  • Fortnightly digest of news on trade union and labour market issues

LRD Bargaining Report

  • Monthly report for trade union negotiators
  • Pay and prices information, pay deals,
  • Law at work, equality, health and safety, pensions etc.

For Further Information

The UNISON Policy and Information Team is keen to help any branch or member requiring assistance in accessing or analysing Scottish statistics.

Many of the statistics detailed in this briefing are either held by the team or accessible through the internet.


George McGregor

Diane Anderson

@ the P&I Team
14 West Campbell Street,
Glasgow G26RX
Tel 0141 332 0006
Fax 0141 307 2572


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