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The volume and quality of bargaining information on the internet is growing rapidly and this information source will become an essential bargaining tool for UNISON negotiators. The sheer size of the internet brings with it major difficulties in managing the quantity of information available.

UNISON negotiators should therefore develop a list of favourite sites which are relevant to their areas of responsibility. An electronic version of this briefing can be found on the UNISONScotland website Just click the dark blue bold text and you will go to the site identified. This list is intended as an introductory guide to enable users to begin to develop their own list of favourites.

Please note: You will leave this site in following any of the links below. It must not be assumed that UNISON Scotland subscibes to any of the content or principles of these sites.


UNISON Intranet/Internet site


This is UNISON's UK home page and should be the starting point for most searches.

The Bargaining Support Unit maintains a wide range of information online including journal abstracts, statistics, UNISON documents and access to the LRD database. They also provide links to other web sites. Labour Research Dept (LRD)

Don't forget our own UNISON Scotland web site http://www.unison-scotland.org.uk/


Other Union sites

The TUC http://www.tuc.org.uk/ and STUC http://www.stuc.demon.co.uk and the Scottish TU Research Network http://www.mmd.paisley.ac.uk/stindex.html contains useful information and links as do some other unions particularly industry specific data. The DMOZ open directory project has a good list of links http://dmoz.org/Regional/UK/Society/Organisations/Unions/

For some issues it is worth looking outwith the shores of the UK. It is the world wide web! A good start is Cyber Picket Line http://www.cf.ac.uk/ccin/union/ or the European TUC http://www.etuc.org/


Commercial sites and Journals

Whilst the aim of these sites is to get you to purchase their services they often provide useful free access services.

For business information sources a good start is a site at Strathclyde Business School http://www.dis.strath.ac.uk/business/

Other examples include:

UK Water Industry http://www.hipwell10.freeserve.co.uk/
Lawrite (employment law news) http://www.lawrite.co.uk/news.htm

LGCnetLGNet (Local Government News) http://www.lgcnet.com/ (see S.Palmer for password)

Incomes Data Services (IDS) http://www.incomesdata.co.uk/

Industrial Law Journal http://www3.oup.co.uk/indlaw/contents/

Pensions World online http://www.pensionsworld.co.uk/index.htm

Industry specific journals are also a good starting point eg:

British Journal of Midwifery http://www.markallengroup.com/publish/medical/bjm/index.htm

Housing Today http://www.housingtoday.org.uk/

Health Service Journal http://www.hsj.co.uk/


Employer Sites

Most of the employers UNISON deals with now have web sites as do employer associations. They can be a useful source of basic information and statistics. In the private sector they are particularly useful for company reports, accounts etc. You should include all your employers on your list of favourites. Some examples are:

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations http://www.scvo.org.uk

Scottish Power http://www.scottishpower.plc.uk/

Scottish Federation of Housing Associations http://www.sfha.co.uk/

West of Scotland Water http://www.westscotlandwater.org.uk/

East of Scotland Water http://www.esw.co.uk/

Strathclyde University http://www.strath.ac.uk/

Edinburgh University http://www.ed.ac.uk/

NHS Confederation in Scotland http://www.nhsconfed.net/frame.htm/scot

COSLA http://www.cosla.gov.uk/

A link to all Scottish Local Government web sites http://www.oultwood.com/localgov/scotland.htm

Links to Health Board/Trust sites at SHOW http://www.show.scot.nhs.uk/


Personnel and Human Resources

There are a range of sites which provide support to the HR profession which provide general news and useful articles:

IPD http://www.ipd.co.uk/start.asp

Personnel & Development Network http://www.ipma-hr.org/

Bullying online http://www.successunlimited.co.uk/

The Industrial Society http://www.indsoc.co.uk/

Again think world wide for a wider perspective. Most daft HR ideas we have to deal with come from the USA.

IPMA http://www.ipma-hr.org/


Other Professional Bodies

Most professional bodies have web sites plus other organisations run sites for different professions. Examples of those who have members represented by UNISON include:

National Board for Nursing for Scotland http://www.nbs.org.uk/

Institute for Healthcare Management http://www.ihm.org.uk/home.cfm

Institution of Occupational Safety and Health http://www.iosh.co.uk/

Practice Nurse http://www.haines.grid9.net/pn/

UKCC http://www.ukcc.org.uk/

Association of Radical Midwives http://www.radmid.demon.co.uk/

British Association of Social Workers Scotland http://www.basw.co.uk/scotland/

Teleworking Association http://www.tca.org.uk/home.htm



In the spirit of open government far more bargaining information is now available on the web through various government sites.

The Scottish Parliament http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/

The Scottish Executive http://www.scotland.gov.uk/

The European Parliament http://www.europarl.eu.int/sg/tree/en/default.htm

The UK Parliament http://www.parliament.uk/hophome.htm

Accounts Commission http://www.scot-ac.gov.uk/index2.htm

UK Government Information Service http://www.open.gov.uk/

Treasury Taskforce (PFI) http://www.treasury-projects-taskforce.gov.uk/

Scottish Health on the Web http://www.show.scot.nhs.uk/

Equal Opportunities Commission http://www.eoc.org.uk/

Commission for Racial Equality http://www.cre.gov.uk/

Disability issues http://www.disability.gov.uk/

Health and Safety Executive http://www.open.gov.uk/hse/hsehome.htm




Scottish gateway to research in Social Work and Social Care http://www.researchweb.org.uk/


And after all this if you need some anti-anorak therapy try:

JokeCenterThe joke centre http://www.joke center.com/

See them dance! http://www.hamsterdance.com/(bit fancy)

The original and best hampsterdance http://lee.org/reading/general/Hampsterdance/


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