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Scottish Black Members Policy Weekend

Policy Weekend

Pav Akhtar (National Equalities Officer) talked about the Unison's Project" Challenging racism in the workplace", at the Scottish Black Members committee's policy weekend, which took place at Apex Hotel Dundee, this year.

At the weekend, Pav Akhtar provided training on mainstreaming of Equality. Sofi Taylor provided valuable inputs to build awareness of SBMC that what needs doing in the branches to use Equality as bargaining agenda.

Pav Akhtar provided in-depth information regarding the priorities and purpose of the policy weekend. SBMC discussed, amended and agreed on the SBMC draft action plan for 2007.

One of the highlights of the policy weekend was SBMC networking session, which commenced after dinner. The session was a hit as members were able to view, enjoy and reflect on DVD / presentations of NBM Conference 2007, which include Dave Prentis's speech, Ismail Donmez moving Scottish motions at the National Black Members Conference, and memento of moments to remember, from the conference.

Also Trade Union images of Scottish and National Black members, who attended the National Delegates Conference 2006, provided an opportunity for SBMC members to know who is who at National and Scottish levels. The members engaged themselves informally into discussion regarding black issues to build their learning. SBMC thanked Eileen Dinning Scottish Equalities officer, for her support to organise the networking session. The session closed before the mid night.