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Scottish Black Members Black Members



Scottish Black Members Committee
Report to NBMC—04 June 2007

The Scottish Black members Committee continues to implement two main objectives.

  1. To raise a positive profile of the Committee within UNISON
  2. To increase involvement of Black members, within Scottish UNISON

1. National Black Member's Conference

  • National Black members Conference took place in Liverpool from 19 to 21 January 2007.
  • UNISON Scotland branches supported SBMC's call, by sending 6 delegates and 2 visitors from various branches to the conference.
  • SBMC is all praise for UNISON Scotland / its branches for their commitment to the effective participation of black members at National level and Regional level.
  • At the conference, SBMC moved two motions which were unanimously carried.
  1. Black Members Training Weekend
  • UNISON Black Members Training Weekend will be organised after consultations with black members regarding their training needs.
  • The Scottish Learning & Organising Committee in its recent meeting expressed its commitment to support organise SBMC training weekend, which is scheduled to take place at Edinburgh, hopefully in September 2007.
  • SBMC has forwarded the details of "Mainstreaming of Equality" training programme to the Regional Learning & Organising Committee, for action. The programme was developed by Mr Pav Akhtar our National Equality Officer. The Regional Learning & Organising Committee has assured SBMC that it has set up a sub-committee to consider the national training programme, and to deal with Scottish Black Members training issues.
  • The SBMC seeks support from Scottish branches, to send more and more new black members to attend SBMC training event.
  1. TUC BM Conference 2007 and STUC
  • The SBMC adopted the existing procedure to send elected black members to represent our self organising group on TUC Black Members Conference 2007 and STUC 2007.
  • The SBMC agreed to nominate Hamid Rasheed (to attend TUC Black Members Conference 2007) and Ravi Nathan (to represent SBMC at STUC 2007).
  • Both SBMC reps took active part in debates and delivered speeches on motions agreed by UNISON delegate to the two conferences.
  1. Anti BNP activities: 
  • Produced 6 page special Anti- BNP NEWSLETTER, to reinforce the message, not to cast vote for BNP in May 2007 elections.
  • Active Anti-BNP campaigning, distribution of leaflets, by hand and electronically among black members.
  • Ravi, Bernard and Hamid manned Unison Stall at "Allah Made Me Funny", anti racism event which took place in Glasgow.
  1. Development of Black Self Organising Groups in Scottish Branches:
  • This year SBMC set up a target for itself to form at least one SOG in a Scottish Branch. SBMC has achieved this target.
  • A black self organising group at NHS Lothian Health Branch has been shaped up.
  • It is the first SOG of its kind in NHS Scottish Branches.
  • This SOG will be fully functional immediately after its first meet on 30 June 2007.
  • The chair SBMC congratulated the branch for its support and praised the efforts of its black equality officers (David Okalo Olwa and Lui Giacomo), for their work in creation of the SOG.
  • Work is in progress, to shape black SOG at Glasgow Health branch, Fife Local Government branches.
  1. Show Racism The Red Card:
  • SBMC members actively participated in last years "Show Racism the Red Card" fortnight of events.
  • In Perth, SBMC members staged an event to build community cohesion by involving the Perth and Kinross branch of UNISON, St Johnston Football Club, and Local Muslim Community.
  • The event was the first of its kind in Perthshire, and received massive publicity by the local and regional media.
  1. St Andrew's Day March
  • SBMC's presence the St Andrews Day March 2006 received good media coverage. SBMC aims to build on its success, by strongly participating in St Andrew's Day March 2007.  

To ensure accountability; SBMC aims to present regular report on its activities to the future NBMC, Scottish Committee and Scottish Council meetings.

Ravi Nathan / Hamid Rasheed

Scottish Black Members Committee Representatives