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 Health & Safety Scottish Construction Safety Campaign


Scottish Construction Safety Campaign

The English and Scottish Construction Safety Campaign (CSC) is a campaign started by a group of individuals, who may or may not be members of a trade union, some of whom are left of the political mainstream. The CSC were united by a common anger with (what they perceived as) the slow pace of other mainstream safety campaigns run by the trade unions. Their campaign focuses on issues such as fighting for changes in the law regarding manslaughter (in Scotland this would be culpable homicide), and the introduction of safer working practices in the construction industry. The STUC states that they concur with the CSC's main aims but are not affiliated. The STUC however, disagrees with one key issue with the CSC. The CSC refuse to consider partnership agreements between trade unions and employers, something the STUC is constantly striving to achieve. Their main aims are (according to Tony O' Brien, Secretary, CSC):

  1. To prevent workplace deaths and disease by ensuring laws are enacted that will allow directors of companies to serve a term in prison when it is proved that their disregard for workers' health and safety was the main cause of death.
  2. After winning the fight to get a ban of asbestos imports in 1999 they now want all asbestos to be removed from properties. Thereby preventing further asbestos related deaths in the future. They also want greater enforcing of asbestos laws and that these laws must apply to all properties both domestic and non-domestic.
  3. Due to the lack of workplace trade union organisation especially in the construction industry CSC want the right to have trade union roving safety reps. They want these reps to have rights to enter employers' premises and inspect and issue improvement notices and be able to call on the HSE if and when employers refuse to co-operate with the reps.

Their activities include protesting and lobbying outside coroners, magistrates and crown courts over the deaths of construction workers. Giving support to relatives of those killed. And generally getting the demands of their campaign publicised.

They have a national committee and hold an AGM each year. They formed the above policies in 1998 and claim to have been successful in getting most national trades unions to adopt them. They are involved and support the activities of the Hazards campaign. For support they ask for affiliation from union branches, donations and involvement in the activities of the campaign (see their campaign leaflet).

Contacts list
Lisa Manus: l.manus@unison.co.uk Dave Watson : d.watson@unison.co.uk @ The P&I Team, UNISON Scotland 14 West Campbell St, Glasgow G2 6RX Tel 0845 355 0845 Fax 0141 221 8953

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