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Date: Thurs 20 September 2012

UNISON: No guarantee of pay rise for tens of thousands of council workers

UNISON responded to the Scottish Government’s announcement on public sector pay in the budget today. Mike Kirby, Scottish Secretary, said: “Finance Secretary John Swinney today offered what he described as a ‘modest’ 1% pay increase for Scottish Government staff, some NHS staff and employees of quangos.

“Unless local government is funded to pay even this limited increase, there is no guarantee that the largest group of public sector workers, in local government, will receive an increase. That has been the case for the last couple of years.

“Even for those who will receive it, families face inflation and rising living costs meaning their income is, in effect, going down.

“At a time when Scottish councils are facing huge financial pressures, with severe cuts to services and jobs, a council tax freeze is bad news for everyone who relies on essential council services.

“This budget is supposedly aimed at stimulating the economy. But increased pay, particularly for low paid workers, helps the economy, especially at local level. “Hard pressed local government workers deserve more from the Scottish Government.”


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