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Date: 05 April 2012

Aberdeen wins battle against privatisation

Aberdeen City UNISON branch is celebrating after its campaigning to stop the privitisation of of 'corporate governance' services proved sucessful.

The council had been looking at a so-call "alternative delivery method - ie slling off - for services such as finance, human resources, customer care, ICT, benefits and regulations. But last night it voted to keep the services in-house.

Branch secretary Karen Davidson said: "These services will now remain in house, where committed and dedicated council staff can provide the best service for the citizens of Aberdeen.

"The branch have campaigned hard for 18 months for this outcome," she added. "We are sure that the councilors who voted in favour of in-house staff recognise the excellent service our members provide."

Aberdeen is the second major Scottish council to reject privatisation plans for major services after a UNISON campaign, following an earlier decision by Edinburgh.

Edinburgh halts privatisation plan (19/01/12)

Aberdeen City UNISON