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Saturday 5 February 2011

UNISON Scotland launches manifesto for public services

UNISON Scotland today (Saturday, February 5) launched its manifesto as part of its Public Works campaign to defend public services.

The document concentrates, not on the pressure on budgets facing public service organisations, but on what needs to be done to sustain and improve Scotland’s public services.

The manifesto – For Public Services – highlights the need for fair taxation; the importance of transparent and accountable services and calls for an end to PFI and PPP.

It also raises concern about the increasing trend to move services out of democratic control. The union will use the manifesto to lobby political parties standing in the forthcoming Scottish Parliament elections.

Scottish Convenor Lilian Macer said: “The cuts process we are witnessing across the UK is not about money, it’s about politics. UNISON’s vision is very different; we don’t accept there is any need for massive spending cuts at the expense of our public services.

“There is nothing efficient about providing worse services with fewer staff and our manifesto highlights a real alternative to the cuts as well as the importance of protecting and investing in our public services.”

Scottish Secretary Mike Kirby said: “Public services are part of the fabric of society and an attack on those services is an attack, not on unions or workers – but on society itself.

“Quality public services benefit us all and renewed investment in Scotland’s public services in recent years has made a real difference to people’s lives, strengthening our communities and boosting the economy. Our view is clear: the choice should always be for public services – publicly delivered.”


Notes to editors: For more information on UNISON Scotland’s Public Works campaign and the full manifesto visit www.unison-scotland.org.uk/publicworks

For further information contact: · Dave Watson, Scottish Organiser for UNISON on 07958 122 409 · Trisha Hamilton, Communications Officer for UNISON, on 0141 342 2877 or 07939 478 461