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Date: Monday, 29 September 2010

‘Fat cat’ bankers should tighten their belts – not the public

‘Fat cat’ bankers should be forced to tighten their belts, not the public - that’s the message from UNISON Scotland.

To mark the European Trade Union Confederation’s (ETUC) day of action on Wednesday, September 29, members and activists will gather in the city centre to pull on the belt of a ‘real’ fat cat and send a clear message that the public should not be left to pay the price for the bankers’ mistakes.

The stunt will coincide with the launch of UNISON Scotland’s Tell A Pal initiative, which urges members to spread the word that there is a real alternative to the cuts and privatisation agenda.

On the day, UNISON members will be handing out copies of the Tell A Pal leaflet which feature four key messages covering cuts in services, fair taxation and economic impact.

It will also urge as many members as possible to show their support for public services by attending the STUC demonstration in Edinburgh on October 23.

Scottish organiser Dave Watson said: “The bankers caused this problem and now they’re at it again with their big bonuses, while the public are left to pay the price by losing the services they rely on.

“It’s our communities who will suffer the most from these cuts, yet it’s the public who are being told they should tighten their belts not the bankers. We want to spread the word that there’s a real alternative to the cuts and we don’t have to lose the services that we all rely on. “It’s time the fat cat bankers were made to tighten their belts, not the public.”


Notes to editors You are invited to send a reporter/photographer and/or crew for a photo opportunity outside Marks and Spencer in Argyle Street at 12.30pm on Wednesday, September 29.

Public sector workers will be pulling on the belt of a person dressed up as a ‘fat cat’. Scottish Organiser Dave Watson will be available for interview on the day. For more information on the alternatives to the cuts visit www.unison-scotland.org.uk/publicworks