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Date: Sat 4 April 2009

UNISON urges public service investment and anti-racism in European campaign

UNISON -Scotland's largest public service union - today (Sat 4/4) launches its manifesto for the forthcoming European parliamentary elections. The document calls for the EU to co-ordinate increased public sector investment to tackle the economic recession, and for it to take a lead in tackling racism across Europe.

Mike Kirby, UNISON's Scottish Convenor, said "While it would have been fairer for the G20 to agree a substantial global fiscal stimulus, including investment in increased public sector works and direct support for those hit hardest by recession, it is now crucial that these policies are adopted at European or failing that, at national level."

The union has published a manifesto that will be launched today at its Scotland-wide meeting of branches in Glasgow. This is being publicised via the internet and [email] to its 160,000 Scottish members - urging them to compare the policies of political parties standing in the election before they vote on 4 June. Another key policy called for by the union, is to tackle racism in Scotland, and across Europe.

Mike Kirby said "We have seen recent attempts by the far-right to turn genuine job grievances into attacks on migrant workers, and we know how they can exploit fears in a recession. The EU needs to ensure they tackle this racism, and UNISONScotland will be campaigning strongly against the BNP and other ultra right organisations wherever and whenever they seek to peddle their lies."


For Further Information Please Contact: Mike Kirby (Scottish Convenor) 07803 952 261 (m) Matt Smith (Scottish Secretary 07771 548 997(m) Chris Bartter (Communications Officer) 07715 583 729(m)