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Date: 1 February 2008

UNISON members will decide on Aberdeen Single Status

Aberdeen City UNISON, the largest union within Aberdeen City Council today reinforced the message that its members will decide, by postal ballot, whether Aberdeen City Council's latest proposals to implement Single Status are acceptable or not.

As thousands of affected employees received letters containing an indicative new grade and details of revised terms and conditions, UNISON joint Branch Secretary Karen Donnelly stated "At the moment, our primary concern is our members and how these proposals affect them. Stewards are actively engaging with members in order to measure the impact of the proposed grades and changes to conditions of employment. We want to know what it means for individual members and their personal circumstances.

" We are already aware of significant groups of staff who are facing financial detriment if the new grades are implemented. We are also aware of areas where there appear to be anomalies in results and are pursuing all of these issues with the Council.

"It is very disappointing that the Scottish Government is still not adequately funding Single Status. Hard working and often low paid workers are facing financial hardship as a result of it. In many instances, these key workers provide vital services to some of the most vulnerable in our community."

Preparations are underway for a full postal ballot of all Aberdeen City UNISON members covered by Single Status. This will not take place until everyone has received job evaluation outcomes and has had an opportunity to consider the entire package including the terms and conditions.

Karen Donnelly said "This is too important to be rushed. Our members deserve to make an informed choice, based on information which they have had time to fully consider - OUR MEMBERS WILL DECIDE."

For further information please contact: Karen Donnelly UNISON Joint Branch Secretary 07921 152303 Or Fiona Smith UNISON Spokesperson 07734 003187

Notes UNISON represents over 160,000 public sector workers in Scotland.

Aberdeen City UNISON intends to hold general meetings of members to discuss the Single Status package at the Station Hotel on - Monday 11th February 2008 at 6.00pm Wednesday 13th February at 12.15pm Thursday 14th February at 6.00pm

These meetings are open to UNISON members only, however representatives of the Branch will be available to answer questions at the end.

The Single Status package issued to staff contains new job grades and salaries, along with revised terms and conditions. Further meetings will be held to train UNISON's job evaluation representatives in the job evaluation appeals process. Further information is available from Branch representatives.