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Date: 29 Aug 2007

More out-of-hours medical care must be delivered by non-doctors - UNISON

UNISONScotland, the largest union representing Healthcare staff today said that more out-of-hours care should be delivered by properly qualified and paid nurses, paramedics and other health professionals.

The union welcomed the Audit Scotland report on NHS Out-of hours services, and in particular the recognition that more responsibility needs to be given to other healthcare professionals in order to ensure that out-of-hours care can be maintained as doctors cease to deliver it.

Bridget Hunter (UNISON's lead officer for Nursing care) said "With more and more doctors dropping out of providing out-of-hours care, it is clear that the most effective way of covering the essential care is to extend the roles of other health professionals, such as nurses and paramedics. But if this is to be effective there must be an increase in the numbers and appropriate training for these professionals."

"Of course this would place considerable increased responsibility on these staff, and appropriate resources and recognition must go hand-in-hand with this increase."

UNISON also said that the increasing use of NHS 24 and the Ambulance service backed up the need for these developments.

And for structures that assisted them David Forbes, UNISON's (Regional organiser for the Ambulance service) said "Both the ambulance service and NHS 24 have had considerable extra demand placed on them already as patients realise that traditional GP cover is no longer there. Despite teething problems, the co-ordination between these services and the link with primary care within Boards is improving. That needs to continue - especially in rural areas, as does the increase in the care that can be given by paramedics and other health professionals in the home."


Note for editors: UNISON organises most occupations in Scotland's NHS, including nurses, ambulance staff, allied health professionals, ancillary, senior managers, and admin and clerical staff,

For Further Information Please Contact: Bridget Hunter (Regional Organiser - Nursing) 07958 120780(m) David Forbes (Regional Organiser - Ambulance) 0131 226 0059(w) 07985 121 397(m) Chris Bartter (Communications Officer) 0771 558 3729(m)





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