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Date: 13 July 2007

UNISON criticises "childish" ban by Health Board

Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board chiefs sunk to a new low yesterday (Thursday 12) when they refused permission to allow local UNISON stewards to set up a stand in the Southern General Hospital Canteen to allow them to speak to members about car parking charges in Glasgow and Clyde's hospitals.

The union has been gathering signatures for a petition calling on health chiefs to think again before introducing a car parking tax for staff, patients and their visitors.

John Lieser, UNISON's Communications Officer for Glasgow and Clyde health branch said "This is an outrage. We only seem to be able to meet with members on issues that our board agree with. We have always tried to work in partnership with our board however difficult the situation has been, but when the shoe is on the other foot our hypocritical bureaucrats want to take their bat and ball home. They are not even willing to sit down and find a solution."

Matt McLaughlin, UNISON Regional Organiser added, "It seems that NHSGGC are not mature enough to take fair criticism and it's obvious that the Board are running scared. Our campaign has gathered tremendous support from staff, patients, visitors and MSPs. However this latest response by them shows that the leadership of NHSGGC are nothing more that school bullies. They should take their heads of the sand and listen to their staff and the community that they are supposed to serve."


For Further Information Please Contact: Matt McLaughlin (Regional Organiser) 0845 355 0845 (w) 07904341979 (m) John Lieser Communications UNISON NHS Glasgow and Clyde 0773880383 (m) Chris Bartter (Communications Officer) 0771 558 3729(m)