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Date: Tue 19 April 2005


Dave Prentis will tomorrow (19 April) issue a warning to stay on guard against racism and tackle the lies spread by far right parties, particularly in the hot house atmosphere of a general election.

Speaking at the Scottish TUC in Dundee, on a motion to tackle racism and fascism, Dave Prentis General Secretary of UNISON will say: "Spreading fear and lies is the hallmark of the BNP and far right parties and we must be on guard to ensure they never get a foothold in Scotland.

"The British National party has two candidates in the general election in Scotland. Their choice of seats reflects their plans to spread fear and hatred in Scottish communities. Scott McLean, vice chair of the BNP, is standing in Glasgow Northeast - an area where many asylum seekers were housed. "Glasgow Central is another target with Glasgow BNP organiser Walter Hamilton standing. This area has been targeted because a young white man was murdered in a racist attack there last year and because it has a relatively high number of ethnic minority residents.

"They are not the only racist party. UKIP and Veritas are both using lies about floods of immigrants filling up Britain to gain votes. These so-called respectable parties must also be challenged when they use lies and half-truths to gain votes.

"And what about the Tories? We have already seen Michael Howard playing the tired old Tory race card, whipping up hysteria against asylum seekers and saying it's all right because he was one once himself. He's going to set a quota and when it's met, no matter how deserving your case, it's tough."

Dave Prentis will praise the work done by UNISON and other unions to create a more inclusive society. He will also call for the Race Relations Act to be extended to the private and voluntary sectors to protect the union's members and the rest of the black population from the appalling rates of pay and unemployment suffered at the moment.

Dave Prentis will say: "We must be on guard. Union members are not immune to the lies of the racists. Some members may even be members of these parties. Trade Unions need to have the right to exclude members of Far Right parties particularly where they try and spread their lies at work. Changes need to be made so that it is clear that there is no space for racism in the Trade Union movement."