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Date: 01 July 2005

UNISON 'disappointment' at attempt to drop court case

UNISON, the union that represents Scottish fingerprint staff, today expressed its disappointment at the reported move by the Scottish Executive to seek an out of court settlement of the case brought by Shirley McKie.

The union, which represents the four fingerprint experts whose indentification is at the centre of the debate, is concerned that the move will only ensure that the case is never resolved.

Kath Ryall, UNISON's Regional Officer said; "This move by the Executive could mean that four hard-working and highly competent public servants are unable to clear their name. We know that our members at no time acted maliciously - as is alleged, and a number of previous enquiries have determined that no negligence occurred.

"We would prefer the court case to go ahead, so that the eight years of uncertainty and distress of these valuable staff can be brought to an end."


FOR FURTHER INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Kath Ryall, Regional Officer: Work: 0141 342 2826 Mob: 07742638820 Chris Bartter, Communications Officer - 0845 355 0845 (w) 07715 583 729(m)