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13 June 03

Water privatisation means higher bills - UNISON.

Water union reacts to CBI/Tory call UNISON, the largest trade union in the Scottish water industry, reacted angrily to today's CBI call for the privatisation of Scotland's water. UNISON's Scottish Organiser (Utilities)

Dave Watson said: "This is simply the CBI attempting to rustle up more profits for its members. Privatisation in England has led to higher bills as customers have had to pay for the profits and fat cat salaries of the water companies' CBI delegates. Extensive private involvement in Scotland's water and sewage systems has led to higher costs and a fragmented service.

"Ironically the partial privatisation of Scotland's water through PPP/PFI has caused many of the current problems and the fragmentation of Scottish Water. Communities across Scotland are being plagued by PFI failures in sewage schemes and even the Water Industry Commissioner has highlighted delays and cost overruns in his latest report."

Everyone except the CBI and the Scottish Tories have rejected privatisation of Scotland's Water. The so-called mutual solution is simply another word for privatisation. The Scottish Executive's Partnership for a Better Scotland commitment to retain Scottish Water in public ownership reflects the Scottish people's rejection of profit taking from an essential public service.


For Further Information Please Contact: Dave Watson, Scottish Organiser (Utilities) 0845 355 0845(w) 07787 558 410(m) Chris Bartter, Communications Officer 0845 355 0845(w) 07715 583 729(m)