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UNISONScotland Women - Raise the Roof Questionnaire

Raise the RoofSummary of responses 1 August 2000

(Click here site to download the full Raise The Roof Campaign Document)

See also latest Briefing

13 questionnaires have been returned to date. Only half of the branches say they have received information on the Raise the Roof Campaign, only two Branch Executive's have discussed it. Ten branches stated they did not have a policy on domestic violence and the other three did not know if one existed.

Only two employers had a policy. Only five branches had publicised the campaign in some way, with only one branch having carried out any of the recommendations of the campaign. The vast majority of respondents state that training on the issue of violence against women is necessary. A number of recommendations were made as to what the Women's Committee could do (see Question 12). There was only one negative response.


1. Have you received information about Raise the Roof?

Yes 7, No 5, Don't know 1

2. Has the Raise the Roof campaign been discussed by your Branch Executive?

Yes 2, No 10, Don't know 1

3. Has the Raise the Roof campaign been discussed by your Equalities Committee?

Yes 1, No 8, Don't know 4

4. Does your branch have a Women's Self Organised Group?

Yes 3, No 10

5. Have they discussed the Raise the Roof Campaign?

Yes 1, Don't know 2, N/a 10

6. Do you have a branch policy on domestic violence?

Yes 0, No 10, Don't know 3

If you answered yes, please send a copy with this form.

If you answered no, do you intend to develop one?

Yes 3, No 1, Don't know 6 ,Currently developing 1

7. Does your employer have a policy on domestic violence?

Yes 2, No 9, Don't know 2

If you answered yes, please return a copy with this form.

If you answered no, do you intend to negotiate one?

Yes 5, No 1, Don't know 4

8. Have you made links with any local women's groups e.g. Rape Crisis, Women's Aid, etc?

Yes 2, No 9, Don't know 2

If yes, please detail:

Grampian Women's Aid, Aberdeen Women's Aid, Enough is Enough.Glasgow Rape Crisis Centre.

9. Have you publicised the ‘Raise the Roof' Campaign?

Yes 5, No 8

If yes, in what ways?

Put poster up in station mess room.
Notice boards.
Circulated the posters and raised issue at branch meetings.
Only by putting posters on notice boards.
Posters, brochures, leaflets at functions.

10. Which of the ‘Raise the Roof' recommendations has your branch taken actions on?

Contact with local groups, publicising local contacts, started discussion about policy & negotiating with employer.

No answer = 11

11. Is training on the issue of violence against women required?

Yes 10, No 1, Don't know 2

12. In what ways could the Scottish Women's Committee assist your branch, in particular with regard to the ‘Raise the Roof' campaign?

  • Initially sending relevant materials for branch to discuss.
  • A leaflet informing what body someone who suffers from domestic abuse should go to, which would be given to any member who asks for advice. It is inappropriate for workplace, lay union reps to become involved in, or be expected to, such a sensitive and problematic domestic issue.
  • Send us more information.
  • Always happy to receive/display literature on ‘Raise the Roof'.
  • Discuss.
  • Arrange some joint training and an opportunity to exchange experiences. Circulate model policies. Suggest re-circulate questionnaire in 4 months time.
  • Please supply with any publications, leaflets, etc.
  • Make them listen!! Make them aware how many women actually suffer and cover it up by being off work for a few days at a time on a regular basis using various complaints.
  • We have identified violence against women as an issue which should be discussed and training given. Assistance with training - ½ day?
  • Send me details.
  • Help to raise more awareness, get more people interested.
  • Local training