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Important 17/08/04
Final pay-out for transport pensioners

Thousands of pensioners are to receive a final lump sum payment from the Scottish Transport Group's (STG) pension fund. More than 12,000 people have so far come forward to claim payments from a £126 million pension fund secured by Scottish Ministers in 2002. However, there are still around 600 people who have not yet claimed their entitlement. All former members have until October 31 to contact the Executive and identify themselves as eligible. A third and final round of payments due to members will be made by the end of the year. Click here for full details

About Transport

UNISON transport members in Scotland work for a range of transport organisations, including Passenger Transport Executives, bus companies, British Waterways, harbour companies and some local airports. Their jobs include professional, managerial, administrative, clerical manual and engineering roles.

Passenger Transport Executives (PTE)

Some of our transport members work for PTEs including Strathclyde and Lothian PTEs which plan and organise transport for their region (Bus services, however, are run by private bus companies in these regions.)

UNISON members are therefore employed by organisations that are at the forefront of implementing the Scottish Executive's public transport policies. Members in these organisations belong to their respective local government branches.

Bus companies

UNISON members today work in many bus companies that used to be publicly owned but are now privatised. They provide the bus services you see on the road. There are a small number of UNISON members, mostly in clerical and administrative functions, who belong to the nearest local government branch.

British Waterways

British Waterways is responsible for the inland waterways system in Scotland. Our members do all sorts of jobs from office based-tasks to working as lock keepers. We work closely with their employers, via a partnership agreement, to provide efficient and viable inland waterways. Members belong to the British Waterways (Scotland) Branch.


UNISON has members in local airports outwith those owned and managed by BAA. They belong to local government branches. Harbours UNISON members work for harbour companies such as Clydeport which manage Scotland's main port facilities. They include professional harbour masters and administrative staff.

Local Authority Transport Functions

In addition to members covered by the Transport Service Group UNISON has many members in local government who support Scotland's transport infrastructure including planners, engineers, local and trunk roads staff.

Positively Public transport campaign

Integrated public transport has always been at the forefront on UNISON policy and campaigning priorities.

The current focus of our public transport campaign is part of UNISON's overall nationwide Positively Public campaign. As part of this campaign the UNISON Transport Charter sets out our main aims, including:

  • increased investment
  • better concessionary fare schemes for senior citizens, the disabled, students and job seekers
  • greater powers for local transport authorities to enforce service standards
  • protection for employees' terms and conditions
  • partnerships between transport authorities, operators, passengers, trade unions and community representatives

These issues are addressed in Scotland through the Scottish Executive's Transport Statement.

Other Current Issues

Statutory Regional Transport Partnerships Briefing

Scotland's Transport Proposals for a New Approach to Transport in Scotland. UNISON Scotland's response to the Scottish Executive's Consultation on a new agency for Transport in Scotland.

UNISON Scotland's Disabled members Committee have been active in lobbying for improved disabled access to Scotland's public transport system.


Former bus company members continue to press for a fair share of closed pension schemes


For further details contact: Dave Watson, Scottish Organiser (Utilities) d.watson@unison.co.uk